Saturday, February 27, 2010

Card demos for Frenzifed and life update

So things have been all over the place these days. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 24. It wasn't the most eventful birthday- thank you snow storm, but I did get ice cream cake. We haven't cut into it yet, since a couple of friends are coming over tonight, so its always better to have cake with others, rather than just me and the hubs.

I had to work on my birthday, so during the day it wasn't so whoopie. The Hubs got me some beautiful flowers in the morning- 2 roses (one for my birthday, and one for V-day because this past V-day the flower lady down the street was out of roses) and then 5 white carnations, one for each year we've been together. (4 years dating, and over a 1 year married). When I got home from work we went to eat at KC Alley's, one of the good local restaurants around here. It was Martini Madness night, so after dinner and martini's, I was tired and fell asleep like turning off a light. I guess I haven't had a martini in a while, so it made me sleepy.

We also found out last weekend out beloved kitty cat C.J. has diabetes, so we have started to have to give him insulin shots every 12 hrs. He's a trouper about it, though I think he's realized it always makes me nervous so he is milking everything...lots of "pet me" looks and meows. Once you get the hang of the whole shot thing, it isn't too bad, considering the amount of insulin we give him is less than the size of a pencil eraser. lol

I also cooked up some card demos for my Frenzified site. I wanted to make a card from each set, just so you can see all of them in use. I think I like my biker chick card the best. I already know who I'm gonna give it to- a good friend of mine who loves her Harley. :) Anyways, here's the cards demos for Frenzified. Make sure you check out the newest set, Birthday Bakes, if you haven't already. :)

Anyways, I'm off to go figure out what all is happening with our evening plans.
Later all!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Bakes set released!

Check out ! Today is release day! Yay. :)
So over at Frenzified, I am premiering the "Birthday Bakes" theme set. It's filled with cupcakes, candles, and birthday sentiments. For all you digital hybrid papercrafters/cardmakers/scrapbookers, be sure to check it out! I am proud of this set. I had the idea to have number candles that you can change to personalize your birthday papercrafting project to the age of the birthday person. I think they turned out cute. I have to admit I do adore how the cupcakes turned out.
I hope to churn out some demos using the new Birthday Bakes set later this weekend or into next week depending on time constraints. It's been a super busy week here.
My goal was to get this set ready for release before my own birthday (next Friday the 26th), and I am so happy I was able to. Even though it took me a while, since our internet connection has been super SLOW today, I got the store fully stocked, new poll up, and even an animated blinkie I made.
Feel free to snag this blinkie up and set the link to and post it on your blog (You can shrink it to fit your sidebar area with "shrink to fit" in blogspot if that's what you're using). I am trying to get the word out there about this site the best I can, but the more word-of-mouth I can get, the better.

Anyways, have an awesome weekend and enjoy the new Birthday Bakes released set!
Night night all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

V-Day eve cards for you!

So I sometimes get inspired by fellow cardmakers/papercrafters and decide to go off of an idea they had and make my own version of that so-called Theme. So here are two Valentine's Day cards in the theme of that similar to a card KWerner made here.
I loved how she took a somewhat simple approach but dressed it up with lots of embellishments. I loved making this first card so much, I decided to make another card, similar but not the same.

(The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink, the button flowers are from Sassafras Lass, and the stamped squares are an adorable stamp set from Studio G that I just got for 50 cents!)

(I embossed the sentiment in white to go with the white gel pen use)

(I used clear embossing on the squares)

(I made this second, focusing on using rub-ons, buttons, brads, and more sticker-type embellishments besides the giant chipboard heart)

(the fuzzy heart brad I got from Target in their $1 bin. I love bargains that turn out cute!)

(chipboard heart, buttons, and 3 different kinds of lettering. All in its Red glory!)

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Valentine's Day planned for tomorrow. Take this as a Happy Valentine's Day eve-type greeting to you all.
So what does everyone have planned for V-day btw?
Anyways, enjoy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Scraps after snow

So I'll be brief, since I am kinda in a hurry today. Here are the two scrapbook pages I made recently. I made one double layout and one single layout. I admit it, they are not the absolute best layouts I've done, but beggers can't be choosers now. haha

(This is a layout of photos of the family during a visit by my parents. We went out for breakfast at a local place down the street from where we live now)

(I live these fuzzy felt thickers! So cute!)

(This is a double layout for a show my Hubs and I did. "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat." We didn't have a whole lot of photos from this show, so I happened to use most of them in this layout)

(Since the show's title is so long, I wrote in part of it by the & symbol. That's me and my Hubs dressed as Egyptians. hehe)

(Thickers! Woot!)

I hope everyone is having a lovely day/morning/evening/or whenever else you'd be reading this.
Everyone dug out yet from the snow? lol
Hugs and Later all!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow days and recycled cardmaking

So it has been snowing MAJOR over here. We got slammed over this past weekend and today we got slammed AGAIN! Our internet has been in and out all day, as the wind blows and the snow gets higher and higher. Needless to say, its been one hell of a snowday. I'm not looking forward to digging my way to my car tomorrow to attempt to get into work. *sigh*
Anyways, I finally got to the craft store yesterday to get adhesive (which is why there's been no cards posted this past week...I ran out of adhesive and haven't had a chance to get over to get adhesive till yesterday). I was a busy bee today though. I finished up all my cards for my Friday Night Card Club's Feb. cards, I made two valentine's day cards based off of a theme by KWerner, and finished up 2 scrapbook pages I was working on when my adhesive ran out (1 single page and 1 double page layout). I also found out I won a chipboard blog candy (yay! I LOVE chipboard letters!!!!) and have been busy doing things around the house, etc. It's been a crazy week with all the snow and such.
So below is my card club cards. This month's theme was "Recycle!" So I decided to recycle ribbon bits and bottle caps as my recycled items to use for my card. I have this huge bin of ribbon scraps so I sorted them all out by color and just so happened to have enough colors for one card per color (which would in turn be one card for each person in the card club). Rainbow recycling!

I then adhered the ribbon scraps to a piece of cardstock and then did something to similar to a card KWerner made for her Two Peas "A Year in Cards" card this past month. I also got the Papertrey Ink's baby button bits set from my mom recently and realized that the bottle caps were the perfect size for the large button circles in the flower stamp in that set. So hence why I put painted bottle caps with buttons inside them as the larger flowers on the card. I think they turned out cute for me not knowing really what I was doing. haha

(Here is the "blue" version of the card)

(the whole rainbow of cards)

(This view shows the bottle caps a little better)

Anyways, in the next few days I'll post my V-day cards and my Scrapbook pages for ya'll. Stay tuned. Also, I am ALMOST ready for my Feb. release for Frenzified. The "Birthday Bakes" set is turning out too cute! I'm excited to show it to you all and I'll keep you posted when it goes live for purchase.
I'll leave you with some snow pictures from the first snow we got on Saturday. Today's storm was too windy and cold to even go outside. We did have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch though!

(our car...under snow! Hubby is not amused...)

(our street looked like a ghost one was on the roads)

(The nice snow piles in between our cars and our neighbors cars)

(Our humble aboud...well we live in part of it at least)

(So our door says "Let it Snow." I guess mother nature listened..haha)

(Too bad this wasn't packing snow...otherwise it would of been a snowball. I think the snow we got today is though. By the looks of it anyways)

(The hubby playing on the rope swing)

(me too. What the heck, why not)

So those of you who got snow, have you dug your way out yet? hehe. Anyways, for all those have to drive tomorrow, drive safe!
Hugs all!