Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I LOVE cakestands

So, I've been busily making cakestands for my friend's bridal shower (and just for myself in general). She accidentally caught one of them standing out when she came over, so she knows that part of the surprise, but not anything else. lol. I have become OBSESSED with cakestands and making my own these days.

Anyways, here is what I was up to over the past few weekends.
Spray painting like crazy!

So a month or so ago, I found a dome from a cheese dome and wooden slab from 2nd Ave. thrift store. I fell in love with the dome and was determined to make a mini cake stand to go with it. I found two matching candle holders at the same thrift store, and used the one making the mini cake stand to go with the dome. When I got it, I hoped I could find a similar dome someday to go with the other mini cake stand I made from the matching candleholder, and sure enough less than 2 weeks later, I found a similar cheese dome (same exact size, just slightly different knob at the top) at the Sal Val, - so now I have a matching set! Woo!

 (first dome and cake stand- now the stand is all spraypainted, so it isn't food safe, so you have to have a napkin or something under the food- the plate was a xmas plate that had scratches on it, but it fit the dome perfectly)

(2nd dome and 2nd stand. My cat Wendy loves it too!)

Other things I spraypainted, was I made a bunch more cakestands from plates and candle holders.

In order to make a simple cakestand all you need is:

Goop glue

Dollar store candle holder

dollar store ceramic/glass/plastic plate

1) glue with goop glue plate to candle holder

2) let dry at least 8 hours or so for a good hold, then spray paint just the bottom (I didn't wait to let it dry, and the goop glue candleholders shifted when I spraypainted them and moved them --eek!)

3) tada!

These turned out so cute and were so simple, I made 4 matching, 1 extra, and 1 rainbow one just for me from dollar store and thrift shop plate and candle holder finds.

I also spraypainted a tray I got from a yard sale, which I plan to attach corks to the inside. For now it sits on top of my bar cart with a placemat inside.
Other finds I got over the past few weekends from the Salvation Army and my work's trash to treasure spring sale are as follows:

Sal Val:
  • 2 silver picture frames (I have the same exact kind at work and home)
  • 1 damask print brand new scrapbook album
  • various plates and candleholders to make cakestands
  • 2 martini glasses
  • 2 small fancy glasses
  • Potluck tray and silver wire holder (with spot to put heat candle underneath)
  • 2 pairs of jeans (in my new size 12)
  • cheese dome (to now match my other mini cakestand)
All for less than $30

Work sale:
  • 1 working retro milkshake maker/blender
  • 1 possibly working bread maker
  • 2 picture frames with art/sayings (1 giving away as gift, 1 keeping)
  • 1 retro table tennis set (came with 4 paddles, 1 net, 2 braces and 6 balls)
  • 1 glass cakestand (I couldn't resist, I'm obsessed now)
  • 1 package of pretty scrapbooking flowers
  • 1 metalocalypse cd
All for $17

(if I take more pics of all this stuff, I'll add it in later.)

Besides thrifting and making cakestand goodness, I made a "beer cake" for a friend's surprise 30th bday. He loved it. It was super simple. Basically you just get a big serving tray (circular). Place the bottom row of cans- tape all in a circle, but bow ribbon over tape, then do the same for the inner layer, then smaller for the top layer. Top with big bow and I added balloons too. Great for a guy's bday or event.

Hope your week was fab and fun! I hope to have more finds and DIY laters.

Friend's Wedding invite reveal

So I was asked by my friend Cat (who is an artist/animator) to help in the typography department for her wedding invites. She already basically knew what she wanted, created a lovely rose in a dome image, but was stuck on the typography treatment. After talking with her, we settled on the main font and I did a lot of play work on the typography. By no means did I design these invites, but I am proud to have had a hand (I did fully design the tags) in the design process and helped in picking out the bakers twine and the setup idea of having a tag and such. I wanted to show off the pretty foiling and embossing she had done. They turned out so pretty!

Yay! the RSVPs were so pretty, I didn't want to write on it! lol
I can't wait for the wedding now. So excited!