Friday, August 28, 2009

Love the orange

I apologize my blogging buddies, I've been MIA for a bit. Now that I'm back from my mini vacation, I have no excuse. So without further waiting, enjoy some Halloween/Thanksgiving cards I made today. I know it is still almost than 2 months to go before at least Halloween happens, but 1) I don't have kids that are school aged, nor do I have many relatives that are school-aged to make back-to-school cards and 2) I LOVE Halloween!!! Love all the orange color combos coming around.

(Halloween is all about the Eatting, drinking, and being scary!)

(gotta love all the orange and black. So halloween-y)

(Here I used some fun clear embossing on the kraft paper behind the main image. fun!)

(I used the punchout concept on the pumpkin to bring some fun orange-dot designer paper to the pumpkin!)

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, so I am glad to get started on Halloween cards. Yay!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's been a year...

(1 year married: August 23rd, 2008)

It has officially been a year that I have been married to my beloved hubby, Wren. We tied the knot on this day last year at around 11am-ish. I so far have enjoyed my time with my husband and we have been through some pretty rough ups and downs this past year. Right now I hope to be enjoying and relaxing on the beach at our one friend's beach house (which we spent a few days during our honeymoon at) and sipping a margarita (hopefully). Honestly as I write this, it is not our wedding anniversary yet, however my hubby is sneaky and I know he would check my blog to see if I've posted anything that I am doing for him on here before our anniversary, so I am not having this being scheduled to be posted till the day of the anniversary. (Ha!)

(Here's the card in all it's glory. lol)
Since the so-called "traditional" 1st year wedding anniversary is something to do with PAPER, I used just that. Right now we are trying to save every penny we have to pay off our credit card, put stuff into savings, and just to be safe in case Hubby doesn't find a job by the time his unemployment runs out. He also is planning on going back to school, so we want to save up for that too. So, on that note, I went the 'cutsy/poor' route as some say. But this puppy had LOTS of time and effort put into it. I stayed up this past Saturday/Sunday and worked on it from the time I got home from work (roughly 1:30am, since I worked the night shift) to about 8:30am. We then ran over to our old apartment to get a few things moved, then I proceeded to crash into bed at about noon. haha. So I was determined to get it done all at once, hence why I stayed up all night.

(I liked how the hempy twine looks with these bold colors.)
I made him a card, "scraplifted" if you will, of a card design by Nichole Heady. You can see her card here.
(I decided to add a charm and button that were not in the original design, to add some personal flair to it.hehe)

( I also added a simple sentiment on the inside right top corner of the card)
I loved the simple layout and I was determined to make one for our anniversary that was similar. Since our wedding colors were Red, Black, & White, I decided to make the card and the gift those colors primarily.

(here is the cover of the coupon book/album)
For the gift, I had gotten this tag/envelope kit to make a coupon book. I decided I would do roughly 5 coupons (I ended up making 6, that's why the one looks different from all the others) for things I would do for him/get him. This project was one of those things that I had some great ideas, and I'm still not 100% sure it all worked out.

(I love 3-d elements like these shiny Thickers letters. So fun!)
My problem was A) I wanted each envelope to be decorated in the theme of what the coupon was for. However, after the second envelope was decorated front and back and the cover and back of the album were done, I realized I REALLY didn't have the time or energy to create 5 or 6 front AND back of envelopes, plus the coupons. So I kinda cheated- I ended up only using 3 envelopes and the front goes to one coupon and the back to another coupon. Luckily the ones I had already done sorta worked for some on the coupons, so I didn't have to totally re-do them.

(It's the Ring of DOOMMMMMM! haha..I mean Ring of Love. :D)
Problem B) the ring that came with the kit wouldn't open no matter how I tried. I also did not have little rings at all! So I decided to use safety pins all around it to attach each page to the ring. Now that I think about it, I should of used ribbon instead of safety pins, but Oh, well. It's done and gone. :)

(Page 1- to go with coupon for "Home cooked meal, since my Hubby is usually the cook)

(each pocket has the coupon in it)

(Most of the coupons looked generally like this one, with some variations to match the pocket. I typed out the individual "Coupon good for" on my computer and just printed it out for these)

(page 2- Back massage coupon)

(Page 3- I will do dishes for a week)

(Page 4- Picnic under the stars)

(Page 5- I will record his lines so he can practice for the play, "Rope" which he is in. And I will just all around help him practice for the role.)

(Page 6- An I.O.U. to allow him to purchase a video game of his choice. He is a big-time gamer, however we try to limit what he can buy, just like with my craft supplies. lol)

(It became pretty thick after everything)
Okeys, I know this is a LONG post, so I'll spare you all more blah blah. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the next Digiments release. Digiments team was given a vacation during August, so pretty soon here, the September release will be ready to roll. I'll keep you all posted.
Now I'll leave you all with a few shots from my wedding, since most people I am sure that read this, didn't follow my blog way back when I got married and originally posted pics. :)

It was the happiest day of my life and I hope to spend many more wonderful days and years with the love of my life. :)

Hugs all and I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I am PRAYING Hurricane/tropical storm Bill doesn't ruin our vacation! lol. Laters!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Duper blog candy alert

You HAVE to check out this wonderful blog candy over at "Where'd All my Money Go?" aka. Steph's blog >here<. She is giving away $150 to a place of your choice! Who wouldn't want that? So check it out and enter to win!
Can't wait for the weekend and such. Just popping into tonight to tell you all about this blog candy. Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stay tuned

I can't wait till this coming Friday-Monday, since it is our 1st Wedding anniversary- August 23rd! So stay tuned, since I'll post some fun stuff I made for the big event, on August 23rd (since I don't want my hubby to sneak around my blog and find what I made him beforehand...hehe). I hope to get a few crafting done this week after work, since for the first time in a LONG time, I am working morning shift all week. *phew*. So stay tuned and don't leave me all my blogger friends. I have not forgotten you! Hugs to all my followers and also stay tuned for the future Digiments release!
Here's a pic of my hubby and I on our wedding. :) Can't wait to relax and stay tuned for some more fun papercrafting adventures as I tried to create a card and gift for this special event in my life. It's lots of Red, Black and White- just like our wedding!

Stay tuned all!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Out fishing...

Evening all. This little card I made for one of my best friends, in light of recent events with her father. She found out recently that there is a grave possibility that he has cancer. He's been in and out of the hospital in surgery/testings, etc. to get rid of "all the bad stuff." In this stressful time for her, I thought I'd make her this card. Her father is a sport fisherman, and the whole family (her husband included) like to join in on the fishing fun and come out to many tournaments for fishing. This coming weekend she hopes to take her dad out on a vacation to upstate New York (to fish of course!), unless the Friday tests tell them he can't. So this card is just that type of theme-fishing.

(I was kinda sad I didn't have 3-4 brads in that colro of the same size, but oh well- it doesn't look too shabby with 2 different sizes, does it?)

I recently acquired this stamp set from my mom when she was cleaning out her craft room, and I immediately grabbed it for this reason. The hat and can of worms are both very large stamps so I decided to do a mask to hide part of the hat behind it (I had seen this done on a few people's blogs recently, so I decided to try it). Then later I decided I was going to cut out the images and pop them up, so the masking wasn't really necessary in the end, but at least I tried it!

(let me tell you, those worms were a pain to cut out!)

Since these were so large of stamps, they kinda took up most of the front of the card, so there isn't much to it, so that is why I added some stuff to the inside. (also because I thought it looked nice without the saying on the front).

(sorry this particular shot isn't the best, my camera's batteries decided to die right after I got only 1 shot of the inside- and I didn't have any extra batteries around).

So that was the card (inside and out). I kinda wished the little worm on the inside didn't have a "I'm going to be sick/throw up" face, but, oh well, it serves its purpose.
Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week so far, and I hope to post more cards later in the week. Hugs all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laundry thanks

Ok. So this card kinda has a story behind it. You see, my hubby and I wanted to start saving up money for a washer and dryer, since our new apartment has the hookup for it. However, with paying 2 rents (which we officially are done with this month-THANK HEAVENS!) we haven't had a lot of spare change to put towards our Laundry room fund. We lucked into finding a dryer for sale on the side of the road (someone was moving...aka. I think getting foreclosed, and needed to sell it) so we got a great deal on a barely used dryer. As far as the washer- here's the deal:
This past 4th of July weekend, my hubby, me, and 3 of our friends decided to head over to the one friend's beach house. I had to work the night shift the day everyone was getting there, so I was to meet up with the crew after I got out of work. Well, around 10pm when my hubby and the friend who's beach house it is, call me up explaining that they realized they forgot the key to the beach house. I was then begged to drive to our friend's house, pick up the key from his mailbox (which his mother was to place the key in) then drive back to the beach house. Problem- it would take 45 minutes to the house from my work, another 45 minutes back and another hour and a half to the beach house from the spot my work was. I'd be rolling into the beachfront area at about 4am- not my cup of tea, since I'd be driving alone no doubt. So what does our friend do- he offers me a deal. "What if I buy you a washer?" "What?! You're kidding right?" "No...I'm serious. I'll buy you a washer if you go get the key."
I didn't believe him, but me being a good friend went and got the key anyways, still thinking he is joking with me about the washer, and rolled into the beach house's driveway at around 4am, hopped up on Monster energy drink and Sweettarts. To my surprise, when our beach house trip was completed, our friend reminded us to pick out a washer (one under $400 preferably), and to email him what we liked.
So today our washer arrived, all thanks to a wonderful friend. Some people take their friends for granted I think. I don't care that our friends may have more money than use, but I do appreciate that they actually listen to us and care about what happens to us. To be honest, I would of been happy with just getting a large margarita in return for the trip out to get the key. :)
I still don't know what to say, as I am still in disbelief that he actually bought us a washer. So this card is for him.

It was all I could think of to do. It's a "spinny card" where the "washer cycle" part actually rotates back and forth if you blow or push it. I thought it was a cute idea and all I knew going into making the card was to make a thank you card with a washing machine on it. :)

We have some of the best friends a couple could ask for I tell you. I love you guys!
Anyways, enjoy the card. I even included a "laundry bag" that was taken from a "college/back to school 3d sticker set". I thought it worked well for not knowing what I was doing at all. haha. Anyways, have a great night/day.