Wednesday, February 26, 2014

End of the Roaring 20s: 1920s Speakeasy Birthday Party Printables

For those that missed my previous post here, this past weekend my hubs and I hosted an End of the Roaring 20s Birthday party to celebrate both our upcoming birthdays. (today is my 28th birthday, and my hubs birthday is in March). At the party there was much fun to be had. I had a hell of a time finding printables for the party, so I created my own after getting tired of searching high and low for some. Here are a few free printables I made that you too can have for your next 1920s party!

Note: Just right click the image to download (hopefully I can figure out to have a download location for pdfs of them later).

Speakeasy sign

Cupcake toppers

Closed for prohibition violations sign for doors

Happy Birthday with 29 circle banner
Happy Birthday with 28 circle banner
1920s slang listing

We also made these labels (and 3 other variations) for labels to our home-brewed juice drinks

Even though most people won't want our version of the prison photo sign, as it was geared towards our party, location and date- maybe this will give you an idea of what to make for yourself- very easy!

I also had downloaded some great Gatsby-esque printable photo booth props by Little Bit Heart. They are absolutely adorable and worked great with our theme and photo booth!

Have a great day all! I'll be busy celebrating my birthday with friends tonight. ;)

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