Friday, March 7, 2014

Channeling my inner Princess: DIY Aurora costume

So a few weeks ago a friend asked if I could help her out and draw upon my theater skills, by dressing up as a storybook character and read my tale to some kiddos at the local Barnes & Noble she works at for their "Once Upon a Time" event. I racked my brain as to what character I'd be, since the last time I helped her out, I dressed up as Wendy from 'Peter Pan' when a friend dressed as Peter Pan herself (himself). Then I remembered my famous pink poofy prom dress (I swear, I've worn it, or someone else has worn it, about a dozen times, mostly playing as Glinda from the Wizard of Oz). "What storybook characters wear a pink dress other than Glinda?" I thought to myself. I then remembered one of my favorite Disney princesses growing up, Aurora (aka. Sleeping Beauty for those that don't remember her real name), had a pink/blue (everchanging) dress. So I set out on a quest to make an Aurora outfit from my old pink prom dress.

My DIY Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Costume
DIY Aurora Sleeping Beauty costume
My final costume for Aurora, not 100% true to the movie/books, but close enough. Photo by Candace Park
 To my luck, it wasn't too hard- some white for the top, a yellow/gold crown and necklace and pink sleeves- and I'm set. I made the crown/necklace from fun foam and a dollar store crown:

The white to the top was just a white tulle thing I had from our wedding (we tied them around the bridal party's chairs) and just tied in a loose knot across my shoulders, after failing miserably at attaching it to the dress itself and failing at making a non-strapless dress look strapless. Luckily the necklace was big enough to partially hide the fact that my dress was high necked. I made the gloves from an old pair of pink dance tights- though they kept falling down because they were ment for legs, not my arms. haha

Photo by Candace Park

Also to my luck, Disney actually updated Aurora's dress to have flowers on it, so my dress actually looked a little closer to it.

Old Aurora:

New Aurora:

Me Aurora:

It was so fun to dress up as a pretty princess and read to the kiddos. I joined fellow storybook characters: Belle (from Beauty & the Beast), Snow White, Anna (Frozen), Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Little Red Riding Hood and the Bad Wolf, and the Mad Hatter. Never in my life have I been so happy to make small children smile, as I felt like those Disney characters at Disneyworld with all the photos I had to take. I also got a GREAT workout by squatting/kneeling in the poofy dress to take hundreds of photos with little shorties.
Reading to the kiddos the story of Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Candace Park

All in all, it was a great time, and my fellow princesses/storybook characters also seemed to enjoy themselves (I'd share photos of their costumes too, but I don't want to share pics of people without their approval). We ended up wandering around the mall in costume, and took more shots with others in the mall. After all of that, we decided to start a Princesses In Real Life facebook page/instagram, etc. to share our travels as princesses doing real life things (shopping, having lunch, etc.)
Princesses got Swag, especially in Claires!
  I'm looking forward to the next event, planned in May, where more fellow princesses will be joining me. I hope to paint my crown and necklace to look more chrome by then. ;)
Driving was interesting too, while in this getup. lol
 I hope everyone has a great Friday! Have a magical day!

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