Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorites Friday: Springing for the weekend

Happy Friday everyone! Boy am I excited for THIS weekend. We are unveiling our Barshed (as it has been dubbed by our friends) with a St. Patrick's Day shindig, and I'm just overall looking to relax all weekend. This past week we've spent most of our waking moments working on projects (which I'll share on the blog-o later), that I'm looking forward to chilling. Here are some of my favorites of the week, to welcome in the spring.

1. Rust-oleum's Seaside Gloss Spray Paint: This is the color (and spray paint brand) that I re-painted our deck benches, and I just love how bright it is. So fun!

2. Hearthstone: Since I'm a fan of World of Warcraft, this Blizzard game that just came out has become a favorite recently. My hubs and I played it in beta testing, so I'm excited that it is out for public consumption. I'm looking forward to when they release it for the tablet, as I'm pretty sure when that happens, I'll be playing it non-stop.

3. Green Giant's Just for One Cauliflower & Cheese: These have basically become a staple in my house, when packing my lunches for work. They are a great side dish to the tiny meals that frozen dinner companies come out with, and these babies are only a single Weight Watchers Points Plus!

4. Peeps: Being a resident of Pennsylvania, Just Born Candy (the people who created Peeps) are a household name around here. I'm a fan of the marshmallow candies, even when a pack is opened and they are a day-old, I love them.

5. Me & My Big Ideas Pocket Pages (Tween shown): My mother and I picked up a few packs of these at Micheal's a while ago, as they were on sale, hoping they'd work with our Project Life. Sure enough, they fit in perfectly, and honestly- I really really like them. They work in Project Life as well as incorporated in general cardmaking/scrapbooking, because they're a little bigger than the classic Project Life cards. They are so much more interesting and fun than the traditional Project Life cards (and better on the wallet), that I might just switch solely to their pocket pages cards instead...

Hope your Friday is good and that you have fun things planned for the weekend. Enjoy!


  1. I didn't know Green Giant had those individual portions! I'm going to look for them.

    1. They are amazing- they also have corn, broccoli, and mixed vegetables just for one. It tends to be in the frozen section by where they have the vegetable steamers. 4 in a pack. Love them for when I don't want to cook up an entire can. ;)


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