Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crop for a Cure weekend: Scrapbooking getaway

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all are having a great day!
So, this past weekend I went to a scrapbook getaway with my mom, called Crop for a Cure. A portion of the proceeds go to Relay for Life and breast cancer- so the weekend was filled with pink!
I did a lot of papercrafting this weekend- scrapbook pages, cards and some Project Life pages for those I didn't have the energy do tradition layouts for. Here is some of the stuff I did this weekend:

I did some layouts for a few different friends' wedding:

Some holidays layouts:

 Some trips/parties/get-togethers:
(Bachelorette get-together at Dorney Park)

(adult Harry Potter party)

(80s prom party for our birthdays)

(Tony Awards party at friend's house)

Other important events in our life:
(buying our first home)

(Our 5th wedding anniversary)

(Summertime pool fun)

(Last year's Crop for a Cure- Spirit contest- SteamPink)

 Some Project Life pages with spare photos
to stick between my layouts:

... and the first night the hotel gave us pink champagne in honor of the cause! ;)

I also created some Christmas cards, and a card for my boss, who's mother recently passed:

I also did a few Stampin Up! classes and made 3 adorable gift card holders and this LOVELY framed art, which I just picked up a frame for at Michael's. (class by Jill Hilliard):

I had a blast this past weekend at the crop and travelling to and from the crop. We also picked up some things to finish off my gala outfit, got a lot of crafting done, got some great ideas for Christmas presents for friends and had some great food along the way (including the awesome dessert below and a new cider I tried at a Tavern on the way home). ;)

What all are you doing for Halloween? I personally am working tonight (all my co-workers with kids wanted the evening off) so my hubs is handing out the candy to the kiddos for me.
Anyways, have a great day everyone and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Totally Tuesday Link Party!

It's that time of the month gang, Totally Tuesday Link Party time!

All you have to do is link up ANY project you've done in the past month. That's right, ANY project from October! Add some of your favorite projects, tips, recipes, room reveals, lists, etc.! I know you all have done some awesome projects, and we'd love to check them all out. I encourage you all to check out other links posted too- it is a link party after all! We had some super fabulous projects linked up in the past, so I'm excited to see what you all have to show off! I'll pick some of my favorites next week, once you all have linked up your projects!

All I ask is that you:

  • Please follow the Host- that's me! (see the social media buttons in the right corner of the blog- follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram- whatever is your favorite means of following).
  • Link up your own projects- no giveaways or advertisements please. (you can link as many projects as you'd like, but it should be from the past month- October).

Other than that, just have fun! If you have a place to post my blog button (which can be found in my sidebar to the right), great! If not, no biggie- but it would make me a super happy blogger if you did. ;)

Have a Totally Awesome Tuesday and link away! Remember, it can be anything from the past MONTH!
Thanks all! -M
Now on to the link party!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Circle and Star Paper Chandelier

I am part of the decorations committee for a theater gala that is in November, and I was DETERMINED to make these as part of the decorations. I found a bunch of great tutorials on Pinterest on how to make a paper chandelier from a hanging wire basket.
I'm kind of proud how it turned out, to be honest, especially since it was my first try. I still have to make another one, but I dig it. ;)
So here is how I made mine:

First, I painted the black hanging basket I got from the dollar store, gold. (the colors of the gala are blue, gold and white).

I started by punching everything out with my punches and planning out my pattern.

I then glued the punched out shapes to parts of curling ribbon and wrapping the ends of the ribbon around the bottom of the basket.

Then I glued the center portions together. The problem with the center portion is it doesn't wrap around easily- I had to glue them to the wire of the basket, then I glued another punch to the back (sandwiching the wire of the basket in between the two punches) and secure it with hot glue.

Then I wrapped the top layer around the top of the basket.

I think it turned out pretty good for never putting one together before. It isn't hard, just a little time consuming- which is why I watched Netflix while I put it together. lol

(you can see the gold ribbon wrapped around the top a little better when looking down into it).

I'm debating over putting some gold or white shiny tinsel in the basket to sort of hide the interior, but I think it will be high enough in the air, no one will notice the above parts.
I still have to make a matching one (they need two for the gala), so I guess I will have to find another movie to watch as I put it together! haha

Hope this helps someone else to know how to put a paper chandelier together- it is pretty easy and so far staying together quite nicely. I understand why circles are easier to do (they are wider all around, so they take up more space) but the stars serve their purpose. ;)
Anyways, Have a great day!