Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Circle and Star Paper Chandelier

I am part of the decorations committee for a theater gala that is in November, and I was DETERMINED to make these as part of the decorations. I found a bunch of great tutorials on Pinterest on how to make a paper chandelier from a hanging wire basket.
I'm kind of proud how it turned out, to be honest, especially since it was my first try. I still have to make another one, but I dig it. ;)
So here is how I made mine:

First, I painted the black hanging basket I got from the dollar store, gold. (the colors of the gala are blue, gold and white).

I started by punching everything out with my punches and planning out my pattern.

I then glued the punched out shapes to parts of curling ribbon and wrapping the ends of the ribbon around the bottom of the basket.

Then I glued the center portions together. The problem with the center portion is it doesn't wrap around easily- I had to glue them to the wire of the basket, then I glued another punch to the back (sandwiching the wire of the basket in between the two punches) and secure it with hot glue.

Then I wrapped the top layer around the top of the basket.

I think it turned out pretty good for never putting one together before. It isn't hard, just a little time consuming- which is why I watched Netflix while I put it together. lol

(you can see the gold ribbon wrapped around the top a little better when looking down into it).

I'm debating over putting some gold or white shiny tinsel in the basket to sort of hide the interior, but I think it will be high enough in the air, no one will notice the above parts.
I still have to make a matching one (they need two for the gala), so I guess I will have to find another movie to watch as I put it together! haha

Hope this helps someone else to know how to put a paper chandelier together- it is pretty easy and so far staying together quite nicely. I understand why circles are easier to do (they are wider all around, so they take up more space) but the stars serve their purpose. ;)
Anyways, Have a great day!

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