Friday, July 31, 2009

Last weekend of shows

So today starts the last weekend of "Hello, Dolly!" shows. As promised on previous posts, here are the rest of the cards I made for those who helped with the show. Today is the "men" cards. One to the director, the assistant director and music director. Can I just tell you how much I hate making cards for guys. Ugh!

(Luckily the Stars set by Papertrey Inks that I just recently bought has come in handy for such occasions as a man card. lol)

(I tried to find the most manly colors and designer paper I could find in my stock of stuff. This is what I found)

(Did I mention I love buttons!?)

(I know I know, MORE BUTTONS! I tried to do a "song bird" type idea, since this is for the music director. It was tough to do that idea and still keep it somewhat manly)

(My husband Wren liked the bird (of course being "birdman" himself) lol)

(More star madness. It was all I could think of to go with theater and a guy-type card)

(I did do a trick of stamping half of the thank you saying, then the other half below it, instead of next to each was the only way I could get it to fit in the star. haha)

I did my best. The music director's card is slightly less "manly" but heck, it has music on it!
If you haven't been following my blog this week, check out my previous 2 posts for the rest of the cards I made- those have a "victorian feel" to most. (I like the girly cards better to be honest). :)
Enjoy all and wish me luck for our show tonight!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Victorian Week continues...

While many fellow cardmakers and bloggers are off to the summer CHA, I am soaking up the sweltering heat in Pennsylvania. This coming Friday and Saturday are my last shows for "Hello, Dolly!" so even though I am sad to be finishing the show, it will be nice to have free time again. Yay! Like I mentioned in my previous post, you will be seeing "Victorian-type themed" cards that I am making for the 'special people' that helped with the show for the cast to give (aka. the Director, assistant director, music director, choreographer, etc.)
These three cards are going to the set construction designer, stage manager, and the props mistress. Tomorrow I'll post the cards that are going to the director, assistant director, and music director (aka. the "men" cards...since most of the other cards are for ladies). Busy busy busy.
Anyways, without further ado- some more cards.

(so this is one of my fav color combos. The bright colors I think are a big contrast to the lacy/victorian look. I know I've used the corset stamp before, and I must admit it is one of my favorite stamps. So classic!)

(More and more buttons! I couldn't get enough of them today!)

( I went a little button crazy I think on this one. I also was having MAJOR issues getting my layout to work, but I think it works ok now.)

(I had to make a card SOMEWHERE that had a big letter sticker/chipboard type thing!)

(this lady stamp is SO "Hello, Dolly!" however the rubber is chipped by her arm and bottom of dress, so I added the big flower accent to cover it up.)

(This actually took a lot longer than I expected. A similar layout I found on someone's blog a while ago, however it was reversed and a circle instead of an oval, and didn't have a butterfly, flowers, and all that jazz. Sometimes you just need to get a sketch inspiration in order to create. )

(as you can see up close here, I hand stitched the oval. I dabbed blue ink on the edges to give it some pop of color, but it needed something to break the two colors apart, so I added stitching!)

I quickly realized I don't have very many "thanks" stamps. Luckily I got a few from my mom when she visited last weekend and gave me a whole big back of goodies that she had for me after cleaning out HER craft room. She's been crafting FAR longer than me, so she has collected a lot of stuff over the years. Also, she doesn't love the same supplies as I do, such as buttons, chipboard letters, and lace. :)
Anyways, Have a great Thursday everyone. I am heading to bed soon (it is 4:30am here) so I can get up later for the night shift I have for Thursday. yeehaa! lol
Night night, or good morning to some of you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Victorian week

In light of our last weekend of shows this coming weekend for "Hello, Dolly!" I was asked to make the cards to be given to the director, choreographer, music director, etc. So this whole week you will be seeing Victorian, aka. "Hello, Dolly!" themed cards.

(this one is loosely based on a card that Dawn McIvy did a while ago and I saved in my "card ideas" folder. She had a butterfly up top instead of a lady, no feather, and totally different colors and bracket thing at the bottom, and less buttons. So it more so is the sketch it is based on).

(the gold I cut the border from the gold version of the laced circle and kept the full white version below it. They came in a pack from Martha Stewart collection, which matches perfect to the punch I used on the side).

The first two are for two of the ladies I haven't decided who is getting what, I just know I have x number of woman cards and x number of men cards needed. lol

(I do not know where this stamp is from, but it was given to me by my mother. It is on loose rubber, so I have no idea. I thought it was PERFECT for the show "Hello, Dolly!" since my character runs the hat shop. I might end up giving this one to the costumer.)

(I decided to pop up the ladies hats to give it some dimension. I originally thought to pop up just the hats, but it looked odd, so I did their whole heads popped up. I probably wouldn't have picked those colors to color them, but I wanted to match that designer paper I used at the bottom, and the colors I had were the closest I could find with my LePlume markers. I don't have any Copic markers at all, sadly, so I did the best I could in coloring them.)

Enjoy this week of Victorian themed cards!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Digiments July Release!

If you haven't already, check out the Digiments site today!
24 Digiments for only $10!
You can't beat that!
Here are two cards I did with the "Just..." set.
I had so much fun with these.

(You like my hand-cartooned ducky?...I found out I had no duck stamps, but I reallllly wanted to use this saying. I love that felt ribbon! )

Make sure you check out to see who the winners of the contest are also on the Digiments site!

I used the leftover scrap from my "Sistah" card (the top pink part) and I was so happy to get to use my new Swiss dots embossing folder- thanks mom!

Oh, and tonight is opening night for the show I'm in- "Hello, Dolly!" so wish me luck!

Have a great day all and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Digiments July Release preview

Here is a quick preview of some of the fun Digiments to be released this July Release come the 18th! They go on sale that Saturday morning: 24 Digiments for $10.One of the sets is "Sistah!" It's perfect for those cardmakers who are in secret sister swaps or have a friend or sister you just want to give a shout out to. :)

I have these great chipboard letters and fruit chipboard that I really wanted to use on a card, and this is it. I had fun stamping the design with pink on pink too! It's a kinda simple card, but fruity too!

Say tuned for more fun, check out the other design team member's blogs (links on my left sidebar) for more previews and make sure you check out the Digiments blog the rest of this week. There is a fun contest going on over there right now- check it out here!
Stay tuned for more fun!
Enjoy all!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back!

FINALLY I got to sit down and crank out some cards/crafts. I did 5 cards tonight, worked on my ribbons hat for Dolly! and made a "chocolate covered peanuts-unshelled" box also for Dolly!
Been busy as heck with work and the show, so I was happy to have a night off from the two. But now that I look at it, I realllly need to get to bed. So here is a quick post with 2 of the 5 cards I made. The others 3 are for the July release for Digiments...can't wait to show you all the cards I made for it- stay tuned next week.

(I'm giving this to my sister-in-law for her baby Jayden's baby shower)

(Because Fun-Frilled died, I never got to use this kit that one of the gals put together. But here's my card with the kit- with a few things added and only the brads not used from the kit)

Now that Fun-Frilled no longer is existing (I'm still a little bummed about that- I loved the themes!), Digiments is my only real papercrafting commitment except for my Battle of the Bulge swap at SCS. As much as I want more to do, right now with the show, I'm glad those are the only things on my plate.
Anyways, have a great morning/night/day...whenever you read this.