Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back!

FINALLY I got to sit down and crank out some cards/crafts. I did 5 cards tonight, worked on my ribbons hat for Dolly! and made a "chocolate covered peanuts-unshelled" box also for Dolly!
Been busy as heck with work and the show, so I was happy to have a night off from the two. But now that I look at it, I realllly need to get to bed. So here is a quick post with 2 of the 5 cards I made. The others 3 are for the July release for Digiments...can't wait to show you all the cards I made for it- stay tuned next week.

(I'm giving this to my sister-in-law for her baby Jayden's baby shower)

(Because Fun-Frilled died, I never got to use this kit that one of the gals put together. But here's my card with the kit- with a few things added and only the brads not used from the kit)

Now that Fun-Frilled no longer is existing (I'm still a little bummed about that- I loved the themes!), Digiments is my only real papercrafting commitment except for my Battle of the Bulge swap at SCS. As much as I want more to do, right now with the show, I'm glad those are the only things on my plate.
Anyways, have a great morning/night/day...whenever you read this.


  1. I love the glittery paper on the baby card. That star set is fun to see in use!

  2. Morgaine, I miss fun-frilled too! :-(

    Your two card are terrific! I really love the baby card, to sweet! The colors in the other one are awesome!

  3. Very cute cards! I was just going to ask you about Fun Frilled, I wondered if it was gone! That stinks! :(

  4. You've got the new Star Prints - don't you just love it?? So fun to work with. I made a HEY chipboard card recently too!! - - yours is adorable!


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