Monday, July 27, 2009

Victorian week

In light of our last weekend of shows this coming weekend for "Hello, Dolly!" I was asked to make the cards to be given to the director, choreographer, music director, etc. So this whole week you will be seeing Victorian, aka. "Hello, Dolly!" themed cards.

(this one is loosely based on a card that Dawn McIvy did a while ago and I saved in my "card ideas" folder. She had a butterfly up top instead of a lady, no feather, and totally different colors and bracket thing at the bottom, and less buttons. So it more so is the sketch it is based on).

(the gold I cut the border from the gold version of the laced circle and kept the full white version below it. They came in a pack from Martha Stewart collection, which matches perfect to the punch I used on the side).

The first two are for two of the ladies I haven't decided who is getting what, I just know I have x number of woman cards and x number of men cards needed. lol

(I do not know where this stamp is from, but it was given to me by my mother. It is on loose rubber, so I have no idea. I thought it was PERFECT for the show "Hello, Dolly!" since my character runs the hat shop. I might end up giving this one to the costumer.)

(I decided to pop up the ladies hats to give it some dimension. I originally thought to pop up just the hats, but it looked odd, so I did their whole heads popped up. I probably wouldn't have picked those colors to color them, but I wanted to match that designer paper I used at the bottom, and the colors I had were the closest I could find with my LePlume markers. I don't have any Copic markers at all, sadly, so I did the best I could in coloring them.)

Enjoy this week of Victorian themed cards!

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