Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cocktails, mothers and pink lanterns...

Ok. So this is kind of a mash up of 3 months worth of card-club cards.
Long story short...been super busy, so here are my April, May and June cards I made for my card club.
April had to be funny, May had to have flowers and June had to be pink.

It's a quicky tonight, as I'm mad tired. Enjoy the cards and I hope to get more crafty coming soon.
Nighty night!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long time no see

Yeah. Another lull in my blog. What is up with me? Well...been SUPER busy at my day-job and been trying my hardest to try out for a show and spend time with family and friends. Also took a brief vacation down to Florida. So all in all, that = very little time to craft. But have no fear, I have 2 cards on the way. (once I photograph them).
But in the meantime, I am hoping to resurrect my Frenzified Digi site, after it has long been sitting untouched for months. So, what Digi's would you like to see? Baby, Christmas, Halloween, Girly, name. What would you like to see?
Take the poll on the left side of the website:
or comment here, or on the blog on the site. What would you LOVE to see a digi of?
Also, do you use digi sentiments, or just the images?
I want to know!
Stay tuned for more craftyness, but don't forget to let your voice be heard over at frenzified!