Sunday, March 29, 2015

Subscription Box Review: March Ipsy Glam Bag

Welcome to another Subscription Box Review! Check out my previous Subscription box reviews here.
I know, I've been away for a while from the blogosphere. Life's just been very crazy, as things have picked up work and theater stuff- I know, excuses excuses. We are in the midst of auditions for Shrek (which hubs and I are directing) so it's been so crazy. But, I'm aiming to get back into the blogging world to keep me sane once things pick up in the theater world. lol
Now, on to the subscription box review.

Marcy Ipsy Glam Bag:
So this month's Ipsy (I know I"m late to share this) was themed "Floral Fantasy." I had some loves, some oks and some ehs. 

I LOVE the shade of NYX Cosmetics butter lipstick I got. Reminds me a lot like the MaryKay Dusty Rose (which was my color for years). 

I wore it paired with the Velvet 59 lipgloss I got from my January Ipsy bag to a friend's wedding last weekend.

Used the lipstick and gloss to my friend's wedding last week, among a few other Ipsy products. :)
I also liked the Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo- great neutrals. I always need a good brown and tan- since that's my go-to eyeshadow color combo. I'm not a huge makeup person (I wear makeup only on major occasions, when I'm being photographed for something special, or on theater) so I'm all about the neutral colors.

The next item I got was Pur~lisse Beauty's delicate gentle soymilk cleanser and makeup remover. I used it mostly as a cleanser, but I'm sure it does the job as a makeup remover too. 

Next, onto the other things I tried, but not sure how often I'll use them: Coolway's Glow Oil Treatment and Boo-Boo cover-up medium shade. I tried the boo-boo to cover up a big blemish I had on my forehead (but luckily my bangs cover most of it). It did it's job, but nothing that special- but then again, I don't have a lot of major boo-boos to cover up. I also tried a few drops of the glow oil on my hair for the wedding I went to- gave me some shine, but again, nothing earth shattering.

Overall, I got some good solid products in this month's glam bag. I was glad to get the eye shadow and lipstick the most, as well as the cleanser (I was in desperate need of a new cleanser).
Looking forward to next month's glam bag. Have you tried Ipsy? If so, what's your favorite item you've received?
Have a great day all!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Subscription Box Review: January Ipsy Glam Bag

Welcome to another Subscription Box Review! Check out my previous Subscription box reviews here.

January Ipsy Glam Bag:
So this month's Ipsy (I know I"m late to share this) was themed "Fresh Start." I enjoyed pretty much every item in the bag (except the bag itself) for once- everything I think I'll use.

Pacifica's Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow
 The eye shadow, by Pacifica, is just what I love- natural colors and a mineral formula too! I just love this Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow by Pacifica.

Velvet 59 Velvet rose lip gloss
 The lip gloss is a lovely shade of pink. I was excited to get a full-sized gloss in my bag this time. Love it! You can find more info on Velvet 59 Velvet Rose lipgloss here.

Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey peel off mask
 I was excited to get a mask in my bag this month- I've been hoping for one, since I'm in desperate need for a new mask to try, as my Mary Kay mask formula has since expired/gone bad. Honestly I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Check out the Take it Off! Hey Honey exfoliating honey feel off mask.
Update: I tried this last night- make sure you put a thick coverage of the gel over your face (the first time I tried it, I didn't put enough on, so I had to add more on top). It did leave my face super smooth afterwards- love it!
Coastal Scents liquid eyeliner
 I've become a huge fan of liquid liners recently, so I was super excited to get this in my bag. There is nothing better than a good liner. More info on Coastal Scents liquid eyeliner here.

La Fresh Group eco-beauty moisturizer
I'm looking forward to trying this moisturizer, since I'm in desperate need of a good one this winter- I've been SOOOOO dry. This is only a demo pack, but if I end up liking it, I am game to try it in full size. More on La Fresh Group's eco-beauty moisturizer here. What's your favorite moisturizer?

I apologize for my absence in the blogging world lately- there just haven't been many new things or projects happening in our world- I just hate blogging about pretty much nothing- I don't want to waste ya'lls time after all. lol
I am in the process of finally finishing a project that's been on the back burner for a few years now- our giant wall clock- we're just in the final stages of it- so stay tuned!
Have a great day all- stay warm this cold winter!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Heroes and Villains themed New Years Eve party for adults

Hello all.
This past New Year's eve we hosted our usual NYE party at our house. This year we went with the "Heroes and Villains" theme (we all are big kids, so what better way to enjoy the new year than dressing up like heroes and villains. lol!)

The treats setup
I kind of went all out with the treats for this party, since I've basically been planning this darn shin-dig all year, as you can tell my crazy Pinterest board for it. lol
We had previously re-arranged our furniture a little, trying to find a better way for our computer setup (we've since- I know its only been 2 weeks- changed our computer/living room/dining room setup from how this was), so the usual dessert buffet was a little different this year- we did it around the New Year's countdown tv.

Yes. We were watching some Hell's Kitchen on Hulu while I was finishing up decorating. lol
 Heroes entered through the front door, villains through the backdoor. ;P

Heroes entrance I created.
My friend pointed out that "I guess only Heroes that are Left handed could enter", since this was on the right side of the door. lol

We basically themed everything in the house half and half- Half Heroes, half villains.
I used printables from all over the internet (links throughout this post and a roundup at the bottom).

Here's the food and decor:
The Heroes/comic bubble food labels by The Things Hannah Loves and the ornamental black (I used for Villains) New Year's labels by Catch My Party and Paper Dolls Shoppe

The spread before people dug in, and before some more people brought stuff (though I told them NOT to bring more food). haha
Heroes: Hero Hoagies (Subway)
Villains: The Devil's Eggs
Villains: Poison Ivy's Salad
Villains: Graveyard Pudding cups
Heroes: Captain America's Shield (notice I couldn't spell in my label- oops!)
Villains: Witches Brooms from string cheese and pretzels
The Heroes and Villains coffee table food/candy
Villains side decor
Heroes: Pop! corn and Hero pops
 The Pop! labels are from Swanky Press and the Hero capes/masks printables from GalleryHip

Villains decor
Villains side banner
 New Year's banner by Catch My Party and Paper Dolls Shoppe

Photo op wall- including box city-scape (made by boxes covered with black plastic tablecloths and gold paper squares- wrapped them like Xmas presents)
Pick Your Poison drinks cart
 Glug! water labels by Swanky Press and Halloween/Villain water labels by WCC Designs
Pick Your Poison printable by Two Magical Moms

Heroes side of Sweets table
Heroes: Super stars sugar cookies
Villains: Bones of thy Enemy (Pretzels with mini marshmallows on the ends, covered in white chocolate- these were AMAZING and addicting. I stuck them in mini caldrons)
Villains side of treats table
Homemade Banner- Heroes side (by me)
Homemade Banner- Villains side (by me)
Heroic colored M&Ms
Villains colored Jelly Beans
Villains: TNT licorice bundles
Villains cupcakes: Purple and red cake inside with purple icing
 Halloween/Villains Cupcake toppers by WCC Designs

Villains cupcakes
Heroes cupcakes: Red, Yellow and Blue cake on inside with White icing
 Superhero cupcake toppers by Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.

More Hero cupcakes
I think everyone's favorite thing was the "pick your superpower" jello shots- we didn't have ANY left- and people kept fighting over certain "powers." We also went through all the Pumpkin Butterbeer test-tube shots too. The Hulk-smash juice was a fav as well.

Pick your superpower jello shots
 Pick your Superpower printables by Swanky Press

Hulk Smash Juice (Mountain Dew, Green pucker and a splash of vodka)
The Villainous cutlery station (center) and the Pumpkin Butterbeer Villain test-tube shots (in the top hat) with black and orange M&Ms and jelly beans in the skulls.
Pumpkin Butterbeer Villain test-tube shots
Villain punch- white-grape "spike your juice" and cranberry juice

Sadly (or not sadly for some) we had a lot of sweets leftover. I brought the cupcakes to work and my co-workers devoured them (among some of the other sweets).
I loved the cupcakes the best actually.
And those were certainly neon colored. lol
My co-worker Chuck thought his cupcake was Instagram worth- what do you think? (from @ChuckEatsThis instagram)
We had a great time! I was Supergirl (well... a weird version since I had a cool corset thing- but I'm too modest to not wear a tank underneath it) and hubs was Superboy (Justice League made me love the Superboy character in general)- he did all versions of Superboy throughout the night. lol

What little bit of my Supergirl costume I'm willing to show the blogosphere- I'm not a fan of how "flubby" I looked in every picture I took, so this is all you get!
Hubs as Superboy
So don't you think Heroes and Villains are just for kids- My adults friends and I had a blast (or so I've been told).
Drinking our Midnight champagne after our kisses. ;)
Happy New Year's all! Looking forward to next year's party- we've already decided it will be Glow-in-the-dark themed. Be prepared for another NYE Pinterest board filled with ideas throughout the year. hehe
Hugs all!

Printables used in my Heroes and Villains party:
Hero cupcake toppers by Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
Superhero pop candy capes/masks by GalleryHip and ClipArtBest
Large Pow! and Bam! printables by ClipArtBest
Pop! and Glug! labels, and Pick Your Superpower labels by Swanky Press, DoubleFunParties, A to Zebra Celebrations
Rectangular Action Hero food labels by The Things Hannah Loves

Old Halloween drink labels by The Graphics Fairy
Cupcake labels, Water labels by WCC Designs
Chalkboard printable "Something Wicked..." by Classy Clutter
Chalkboard printable "Pick Your Poison" by Two Magical Moms
Chalkboard printable "Double Double..." by It's Always Autumn
Black Damask NYE banner and food labels by Catch My Party and Paper Dolls Shoppe