Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to throw a Totally Awesome 80's Prom Birthday Party

So for my husband and I's joint birthday (my birthday is the end of February, his is in March) we decided to do an 80's Prom Party. Our friends and I brought out the puffy sleeves, white suits and lots of neon eyeshadow to celebrate the birth of my husband and I. It was a lot of fun to plan, prepare, decorate and throw. Here are some of the highlights and ideas/tips that I'm sharing about the party. Later I'll post some specific projects that I completed for the party and some free printables that you can use for an 80s prom party that you might want to host in the future! :D

First you need your outfits:
(I went more Madonna prom, the hubs went Miami Vice Don Johnson-type look)

Next you need your decor, such as food table:

Bar/drinks setup:

Other decor around the house:

A voting table to vote for the Prom King and Queen (and other "most likely to.." aka. Superlatives):

(yeah, we won Prom king and queen. I swear. It was NOT rigged!)

Don't forget about a classic 80s photo booth:
 (I'll spare the blogging world from our awkward individual shots...lol)

(Us being all love-y dove-y.)

We asked guests to bring their actual prom photos from their past proms to show off: (I only snapped a picture before everyone got there and showed off all of their own)-*tear*. I actually found this idea on another blogger's party.

We also had a few other fun things I thought up to make the party really fun, such as this glowy sign that I put out front of our house, so guests could find us easily:

We also had people staying over, so I put these little room numbers on the spare bedroom doors and had fake keys, for the guests that decided to "get a room after prom". haha

It was a lot of fun taking pictures in the photo booth, comparing thrift store dress finds, showing off our 80s dance moves and singing along to 80s tunes found on spotify, as well as voting and giving away prizes to the "most likely to..."
(Wendy even greeted each guest as they entered. lol)

All in all, it was a super fun night. It was totally rad!


  1. What a fabulous party, so glad you shared the pictures with us. You did a great job, I am sooooo pinning this and you have convince me to have our own prom party! How Fun!!!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  2. Fabulous party - it looks like you all had so much fun! Thanks for sharing this at Project Inspired :D

  3. That is SO fun! I love all your details ... the dress code, the banner, the room keys! What a great idea!

  4. This is sooo cool! I was in HS in the 80s (yah I'm old!) so you brought back a lot of memories! Thanks for linkin up at the Show Off Blog Party :)

    The Wondering Brain

  5. I found your blog at My Favorite Posts Show Off Weekend Blog Party. Nice party concept!

  6. I LOVE this idea! Love it! I was a child of the 80s and can't get enough of the throw backs to it.

    I never would have thought of having people bring photos from their prom, or of having room numbers and keys for the "after prom party."

    I suspect more guys got action on actual prom night than they did on your prom night...or at least that's how it would be with my husband!

    Great post and great ideas! I'm visiting from The Wondering Brain's blog hop. :-)

  7. Haha I am totally in loooove with this idea! Looks soooo cool! :D
    I've found you through the blog hop (:


  8. Cute Idea....Thanks for joining the Show off Your Blog Party.

    A Dose of Jules

  9. What a fun idea! I've been to a 60's party, which was fun but I think the 80's would be better. I'm a child of the 80's....well, born mid 70's and graduated mid 90's. So what does that mean? :) Anywhoo, very cute!


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