Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #2: map party

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursday!

This week we have been busy decorating and prepping for a party this weekend, so other than basic party supplies and food/beverages, we haven't gone thrifting much.
Though, we did score 2 maps from Michael's- I used a gift card and they were on sale!
I want to down the line mount them on cork board, so we can put pins in the places we've been. :D

Also, while at the Family Dollar- found that they sell spray paint! The cost is about half the price of normal Home Depot purchased spray paint. We tested a can of red on my plastic mirror (that was in desperate need of an update) and the black on wooden letters for the dining room. Overall, not bad for indoor things, but none of them were glossy, so if you want a glossy look- not going to happen. ;(

Other than those two thrifty things, not much to brag about. But be sure- the party is going to be happenin' and once I'm done with my decorations for it, you will surely know about it. haha

 Happy Thrifty Thursday!

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