Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Geek time: Coffee Table Gaming Grid Cover

Ok. Here is a geeky project, so bear with me if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I know not all of my followers will care about this, but I thought I'd show it off, because I thought it turned out cool and it serves its purpose perfectly!

My husband loves Dungeons & Dragons- he's been playing for a really long time. I play occasionally, when the game idea sounds fun or they are hurting for players. We've been hosting D&D nights at our house recently, and the living room is the place where we all gather to game. One game session, the Dungeon Master (DM) asked my hubs if he had a game grid- sadly, we did not. We then got the idea to make our own.
Off to Home Depot we went. We picked up a standard 2x4 thin board, some red chalkboard paint, and some white sharpie paint permanent markers.

We painted the board with the red chalkboard paint (basically hubs asked me for a color of chalkboard paint that we could use elsewhere in the house- I'm going to paint things in my craft room with it, since it is all RED!) Once it was fully dried, I drew the 2-inch squares grid with the white permanent markers and a ruler. We immediately tried it out with the game session later that day. It worked out perfect with our Skylanders collection. The DM could easily draw in chalk the location of buildings, bad guys, etc.

Overall, it fit almost perfectly over our coffee table and it is thin enough to hide behind our bookcases when we don't want to use it.

 (These are my super cute pink dice I use when I play- took me almost 8 years to find pink ones I liked!)

It is a simple project, but super functional in the D&D games at our house. We hope eventually to paint a Settlers of Catan board on the other side, but that will take some more skill to paint/draw. haha
Have a great day all, and Geek on!

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