Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinspiration Monday #2

Welcome to another edition of Pinspiration Monday.
Here are some items I've found on Pinterest recently, that have tickled my fancy! Enjoy.

1. The Purl Bee's Citrus Coasters:
These cuties just get me in the mood for the weather to be warmer- that and they are just so adorable!

2. Mommy Hates Cooking's Wildberry Italian Cream Soda:
When I was a young'n (middle school) I used to get Italian Cream sodas EVERY time I'd go to the mall, from this cute coffee shop. When I got into high school they went out of business and I've wanted Italian cream sodas ever since- no one ever makes them as creamy, so when I saw this recipe, I immediately want to try this!

3. Our Change of Art's Studio Calico Me & You card:
I am all about simple and clean lines in design, so this card just jumped out at me as being so sweet looking. I love it!

4. It's Overflowing's Snazzy Shamrock Shake:
One of my most favorite times of year is "shamrock shake time" as my hubs calls it- it is the time of year McDonald's introduces their beloved shamrock shake. When I saw this, my tummy already started to rumble just thinking of the deliciousness that is the shamrock shake. I MUST try to make this. haha

5. PBJ Stories' Sweater Pillows:
I knew I saved some old sweaters of mine for a reason- to make into cute pillows! After seeing this, I just want to go find some more fuzzy sweaters at the SalVal and get my winter crafty on!

Thanks for stopping by on this pin-worthy Monday.

If you haven't already, follow my Pinterest boards! I'm kind of a Pin-a-holic, so there will be plenty of boards to choose from to follow. hehe
Have a Pinspired Monday!

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