Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Work it! Wednesday #3

Welcome to another Work it! Wednesday.

So what are we working on? Well, first- we hope to finish up these benches by upolstering the fabric to the chairs. Right now, the benches are looking mighty cute on our patio, so until it is grilling season, they might just find their home there.

We also hope to finish the chandelier. Now that it is painted, I just want to add some jewels to drape from it and install it in the hallway right when you walk into our house.

We also are working on our taxes (boo!)

The hubs and I are both on the play-reading committee for the theater company we are involved in, so I'll be busy reading plays and listening to musicals' recordings, to help pick the shows for the 2014 season. I'm also in the midst of designing wedding invites for a co-worker, and working on the program design for the upcoming production of "Cheaper by the Dozen" with Newtown Arts Company. Designing invites and programs always keeps me busy throughout the year. haha

Our big project coming up- not sure how long it will take, we want to fix up our picket fence. It has a lot of old wood, so my husband suggest we tear down the old back brace of the fence, and replace that wood- but still keeping the existing pickets (which will be attached to the new brace). Does that seem feasible?

We are starting to get in the mood for spring, and are chomping at the bit to start on our garden (or lack there of). We want to fix up the spot to the left of our shed, and have a veggie garden. We just ordered from my husband's co-worker a jalepeno pepper plant, so we shall see!
Lastly, we are trying to figure out what to do with this thing (below). It is a shed on the side of our house in the backyard. The doors fell off and it is all rusted and gross. I'm trying to figure out a crafty way to make this into something cool, or make it look nice for storage of things like our spare yard chairs, etc.- stuff that doesn't need to necessarily be locked up. Any ideas readers?

So what all are you working on?

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we are working on this Work it! Wednesday. :D

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