Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Hoot

Today is my day as design team host at Fun-Frilled. This week's theme is to use 4 eyelets. To be honest, I only used 3, but check out my post over there for the whole story. haha
Here's a sneaky peak of my card. 

So tomorrow we officially can move into our new apartment. I can't wait! Yay...hardwood floors, new kitchen, a bathroom that isn't Peptobismol pink, a yard, washer and dryer hookup. All the goodies. I can't wait! So needless to say, today is going to be spent finishing packing more stuff (although we have about 3 months to move out of our current place, so there is no huge rush) and I still have practice for the show and work. Ugh.
Anyways, check out Fun-Frilled today. And if you participate in the week's challenge, you can win some great stuff from Verve. I LOVE the set that is being given away. I might just have to pick it up once I have some money. Or if you win it, and already have it, you can give it to me. hehe! just kidding.
Hugs to all and have a hoot of day! ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy bee

So I don't have any cards to show you just yet. (sorry all). I have been uber busy with work, packing for the move, and such. I just finished up 2 cards for the new Digiments June release. So much fun! Check it out if you haven't. Great challenges and wonderfully priced digital sentiments! Just wait till the June release. So fun!
Anyways, just wanted to show a quick few photos of what's been happening these days in the house of Mo (me). 

We went to a Wine Tasting party/BBQ at a friend's house on Sunday, and I found out I like Riesling wine. Who knew?! (me above finishing a mini glass)
This is all the wine that everyone brought below. Wow...lots!

Anywho, below are photos taken at the wine tasting party of my darling hubby. I am proud of how these photos turned out if I might say so myself. ;) I'm slowly trying to become a better photographer. hehe.

I had so much fun. We played horseshoes (I stink!) drank wine, chatted with friends, ate some great food (yummy pulled pork!). All in all it was a great day-before-Memorial day. 
Anyways, we are well on our way to our new apartment. Move in is Monday! Can't wait can't wait can't wait! So if you want the new addy, drop me an email/comment and I'll give it to you. :)  I promise to have more cards/projects posted soon!
Hugs all!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remembering our heroes

Today I am host over at Fun-Frilled. This week's theme is Red, White, and Blue for Memorial Day. I decided to try all different techniques on this card: use of chipboard, texture plate from Sizzix, paper piercing, rub-ons, and pop ups. This by far has become one of my favs. I LOVE chipboard as you all probably know by now, so when I was trying to think up an idea for this card, in popped chipboard ideas! :) Below is a sneaky peak of my card for this week's challenge. Make sure you enter this week's theme challenge over at Fun-Frilled for you chance to win some Verve goodness! Check it out here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day-before-Memorial Day. Hugs to you all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Digiments Challenge: great friends

Over at Digiments, there is a challenge contest. All you have to do is download the challenge digiment, print it out, and make a card using the Digiment. Post it on your blog and post the link to the Digiments site post here and you're entered.
So here is a card I made using the Digiments challenge. Since I am on the Design Team for Digiments I can't really enter the contest, however I thought I'd play along with you all!

Now I really wanted to do some sewing on it, however I was having issues with my sewing machine, so I thought I'd hand stitch it. Needless to say, it doesn't look nearly like how I wanted it to look, but you can never know how things work out. It isn't my favorite card out there, but beggers can't be choosers. haha
Have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KWerner's Color Inspiration #52 Challenge

So a friend of mine is having a baby boy soon and I thought once I saw these colors for KWerner's Color Inspiration Challenge #52, that they would be perfect for a congrats on the baby type card. So here is a quick post. I will post some more fun creations later.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Father's day fun and whatnots

Ok. So here are the Father's Day cards I was talking about earlier in the week. I hope to get some time to work on more cards either tonight, if not ALLLL tomorrow (since I have tomorrow off from work and literally nothing on my calendar to do), so stay tuned. I have some challenges that I want to work on, so that will probably be what I do, besides finish my father's day cards for this season.
Anyways, here are my 3 Father's day cards that I have done so far. So the deal is, I have NO father's day stamps AT ALL! In pops Michelle's Digiments, which were perfect for this. I thought up the tie idea, then decided to try it out with different spots and variations of the cards. So these may all look very similar, but none of the dads- mine and my hubby's (and my stepdad Rob) are going to complain. (At least I don't think they will). :)

Speaking of Digiments, there is a digiments challenge going on over there, so make sure you check it out to get a chance to win the next release set! Check it out here.
So I am brainstorming things we will need in our new place, and among other things, curtains and window Air conditioners we have decided are needed. Anyone know of cheap places to get these? I know craigslist, which I have been looking, but not sure about some of the postings. I might be able to make my own curtains (any ideas on cheap fabric places?) but the rods I know are always overpriced. Any suggestions out there all?
Well, anyways, have a great Monday and enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summertime friends

Today I am the DT host at Fun-Frilled, as I usually do on Sundays. This week's theme is Friends.
So the card I made may not look like a friend card on the outside, but it certainly is on the inside. Check it out at Fun-Frilled!
Below is a sneaky peak at the fun!

Also, don't forget that today is the last day to enter the challenge at Fun-Frilled for some awesome Verve stuff. Check out the post here and enter to win!
Have a great day all! Hopefully it isn't too sunny out for you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Father's Day sneaks and updates on life

So I cranked out a load of cards yesterday. (ok, so 5 isn't a load, but it is a lot for me!)
I did 3 Father's Day cards and 2 Fun-Frilled cards (I am finally caught up, so I am back to being 1 week in advance). After my vacation to Florida, I was glad to be back making my cards. I felt so restless not being able to craft the entire time! That, and the trip was way too short to visit both my hubby's family and mine at the same time. Everyone kept complaining that we weren't there long enough. I'm sorry, but I don't get much time off these days, and quite frankly, we wouldn't have been down there AT ALL, if it wasn't for my parents helping us pay for the trip (they came too). *sigh* family drama.
Other big news is we signed our lease to our new apartment yesterday. Yay! Can't wait to move in. We can move in as early as June 1st to the new place. The stinky part is that we cannot move out of our current place till August 31st, aka. we have to pay for 2 apartments at the same time for a few months. UGH! It's going to be a tight couple of months in the Workman place here. *another sigh* So this means NO shopping AT ALL, except for food and essensials. bleh. This move comes at the perfect time (<--being data-blogger-escaped-10="" data-blogger-escaped-a="" data-blogger-escaped-again="" data-blogger-escaped-already="" data-blogger-escaped-are.="" data-blogger-escaped-are="" data-blogger-escaped-as="" data-blogger-escaped-at="" data-blogger-escaped-back="" data-blogger-escaped-bad="" data-blogger-escaped-be="" data-blogger-escaped-because="" data-blogger-escaped-broke="" data-blogger-escaped-cake.="" data-blogger-escaped-cherry="" data-blogger-escaped-co-workers="" data-blogger-escaped-company="" data-blogger-escaped-div="" data-blogger-escaped-do="" data-blogger-escaped-even="" data-blogger-escaped-everyone.="" data-blogger-escaped-feel="" data-blogger-escaped-find="" data-blogger-escaped-for="" data-blogger-escaped-found="" data-blogger-escaped-freelance="" data-blogger-escaped-from="" data-blogger-escaped-got="" data-blogger-escaped-have="" data-blogger-escaped-having="" data-blogger-escaped-here="" data-blogger-escaped-i="" data-blogger-escaped-implimenting="" data-blogger-escaped-is.="" data-blogger-escaped-is="" data-blogger-escaped-it="" data-blogger-escaped-job.="" data-blogger-escaped-just="" data-blogger-escaped-keep="" data-blogger-escaped-least="" data-blogger-escaped-may="" data-blogger-escaped-more="" data-blogger-escaped-my="" data-blogger-escaped-myself="" data-blogger-escaped-news="" data-blogger-escaped-noooooooo="" data-blogger-escaped-not="" data-blogger-escaped-now="" data-blogger-escaped-of="" data-blogger-escaped-on="" data-blogger-escaped-other="" data-blogger-escaped-otherwise="" data-blogger-escaped-our="" data-blogger-escaped-out="" data-blogger-escaped-paycut="" data-blogger-escaped-perfect="" data-blogger-escaped-right="" data-blogger-escaped-sarcastic="" data-blogger-escaped-side="" data-blogger-escaped-sigh="" data-blogger-escaped-so="" data-blogger-escaped-some="" data-blogger-escaped-still="" data-blogger-escaped-sucky="" data-blogger-escaped-telling="" data-blogger-escaped-than="" data-blogger-escaped-that.="" data-blogger-escaped-that="" data-blogger-escaped-the="" data-blogger-escaped-time="" data-blogger-escaped-to="" data-blogger-escaped-troubles="" data-blogger-escaped-vacation="" data-blogger-escaped-was="" data-blogger-escaped-we="" data-blogger-escaped-when="" data-blogger-escaped-will="" data-blogger-escaped-work="">
Anyways, you will see my Fun-Frilled cards on Sunday and the following Sunday, but here are some sneaks for the Father's day cards. I did them all very similar, since I don't have any Father's day stamps, but wanted to use the father's day Digiment. Once I get the go ahead from Michelle to post them, I will show them to  you all, since they are for her Digiments store. 

If you haven't checked it out yet, do it! They are only $1 and you can print them out as much as you like. And if you haven't ever worked with digital stamps, try it out! It is so simple and wonderful when you don't have any stamps for that particular season, holiday, etc. Check out Michelle's Digiments blog store here
Sometimes life throws us fastballs and we just have to hope that we can hit them all without getting knocked in the face. Hope everyone else is doing good out there. Have a wonderful weekend all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Digiments Release!

Today is the special day that the very talented Michelle's Digiments digital sentiments store releases to the public. Make sure you check it out! I am honored to be part of the design team for Digiments and so happy that the fun has begun.
Check out Digiments here or at the button on my sidebar to purchase your very own Digiments! They are so much fun to work with!
Below is one of my design team creations. Make sure you check out all the other wonderful creation ideas, giveaways and other digiments fun at the Digiments blog!

I promise to post some more fun stuff in a few days. I'm still trying to recoup from my trip to Florida and this whole process of figuring out what to do about our new apartment. We are signing a lease for a new place for June, however we can't get out of our current place till August, so we have to pay for 2 places for almost 3 months (ugh!) There is no way to push back the one place and end our current lease here early, so we are just going to have to stick it out being poor for a few
Hugs to all and make sure you check out Digiments and come Sunday, Fun-frilled! Hugs all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all!
I am right now in Sunny Florida, spending my time with my mom and the rest of my family. Today I am host at Fun-Frilled. This week's theme is Mother's Day! So check out my card over at Fun-Frilled! There is also an awesome giveaway over at Fun-Frilled if you participate in this week's challenge. Today is the last day, so hurry and post your card's link over at this post here.
This card is one of the cards I made for one of my editor's at work. She wanted a mother's day card and a "love you" card. Purple has been my color recently, so of course purple and brown were what I used. My co-worker (editor) had mentioned she love the "tree of life" stamp I used in another card, so I decided to use it in hers. :)
Anyways, below is a sneaky peak.

I just love those crocheted flowers! Anyways, check it out!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Love U Monday

Love u Mondays...ok, I don't really love Mondays, but here is a love you card, posted on today (monday). This is another card for one of my co-workers. She requested a "love you" card similar, but not the same to one I had on my Etsy. This is a variation on the color and the same shiny chipboard and felt heart, but with some more dots to boot. I used an old sketch challenge on this one, and decided that I really wanted everything to pop! I know this soooo looks like a valentine's day card, but I hope she likes it. I am bringing all the cards I made for my co-workers to them today and tomorrow (the one doesn't work on Mondays) so I am excited to get them off my hands.
Now for those of you who don't know, I am going to Florida this weekend. I already got my stuff ready for Fun-Frilled and Digiments, so don't think I will leave you all high and dry! We are going to Florida to visit family (step-siblings and my hubby's grandparents who also live in the same town as my step-sibs). We are taking a train down to Virginia, where my parents are driving and meeting us there from Michigan. All 4 of us then are driving down to Georgia, where we are going to visit my step-grandmother. Then we drive from there down to Florida for my step-sister's graduation from College and to visit the rest of the fam. The following Tuesday, my hubby and I fly back home. (got great rates for one way tickets from Florida to Philly). Busy time, lots of travel, not a big vacation, but no work!
Can't wait to leave on Wed. I'll be sure to check out everyone online from our laptop, but don't expect me to do a whole lot this coming week. Hugs to all!
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

30-Minute Mania

So today is my day at Fun-Frilled. The theme: 30-minute card, aka. Rachel Ray style card. Make the card in 30 minutes!
Today's Fun-Frilled card is one of the cards I made for my co-worker for Mother's Day. Had to include no sentiments, words, etc. So I think this turned out perfect.
Check it out fully over at Fun-Frilled!
Below is a sneaky peak.

Also, today is the last day to enter to win the Fun-Frilled challenge. Check it out here.
Hugs all!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

KWerner's Color Inspiration #50 and Announcement

So this is a biggie for KWerner. Lucky number 50! So she's giving away some goodies for winning participates. So here is my card, which I plan to give to my stepsister for her graduation (which I am going to later this coming week in Florida.) Tonight is a quicky post.

Oh, Also I wanted to let you all know that I made the Digiments Design Team! Yay! So stay tuned for some fun stuff coming from that sector! (see my button on my blog rail). Hugs to all!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Friday!

Ok, so things have been such a roller coaster over here. We are going through some major decisions that I am so torn about. You see, our lease is up on our apartment come August, but we have to let them know by July 1st if we are moving or renewing our lease. So the hubby and I have been searching for apartments. The problem: things are either too expensive, too small, in a bad neighborhood, too far away from my work, or just not what we are looking for. I have found a few that might work, but we still have to check them out. On top of that, there are two sides of the fence that have been whispering in my ears. One side says, "buy a house, it is a great time for first time buyers and you don't have to keep putting money into a crappy place that you can't do anything with," where the other side says, "keep renting, you might be able to find a cheaper rental and save up money for your future ideas." The toughest part is I am right smack in the middle. I DO want to own a home because I am so tired of living in an apartment and I might actually get to do some great things with it, but I also wouldn't mind having an apartment that is just cheaper if it is better than where we are now so we can actually save some money up for a home.
So we applied to see if we could get pre-approved for a mortgage just to see if we could. We did get pre-approved, however we don't have much to put down (barely anything) so the loan isn't huge. So later today we are going to talk to the real estate guy and see what is out there. If there is no houses in our price range that we would want and we crunched the numbers, we will go back to the drawing board and keep looking for rentals. I am not settled on any specific thing at all at the moment, I just want to look at both options fully. The toughest part about this whole thing is, no matter what, I feel that someone is going to tell me I made the wrong decision. Everyone I talk to- family, friends, hubby, co-workers are all telling me different things and right now it is all just so overwhelming. I want to make the right decision and be happy with it, but I feel no matter what I end up doing, someone is going be mad at me. I guess that happens all the time in major decisions, I just hate having that feeling. *sigh*
I just need to look on the bright side of things and get through it. I have a vacation to Florida coming up and I have a lead role in a great musical at our community theater coming up to look forward to. I just wish somedays that I had a crystal ball to tell me what will happen if I make certain decisions. Also, I wouldn't mind winning the lotto. haha
Ok. Enough of my babble and ranting and blah blah blah. The card above is one of the many cards I am making for my co-workers. Once my one co-worker saw the 4 cards I made her for Mother's Day, she loved them so much that she asked me to make her two more. (yay for word-of-mouth business). She then showed them to a few of our other co-workers and I got 2 more cards to make for the one editor at my job (her's are more open to sentiments, etc.) So above is one of the cards for my one co-worker- no sentiments, no sparkles, no markers. I am really into these Pink Paislee Spring stamps. Trees, flowers, fun! The other one I made for her I ended up also using for Fun-Frilled, so you can see that Sunday. :)
Hope everyone is having a great Friday!