Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Friday!

Ok, so things have been such a roller coaster over here. We are going through some major decisions that I am so torn about. You see, our lease is up on our apartment come August, but we have to let them know by July 1st if we are moving or renewing our lease. So the hubby and I have been searching for apartments. The problem: things are either too expensive, too small, in a bad neighborhood, too far away from my work, or just not what we are looking for. I have found a few that might work, but we still have to check them out. On top of that, there are two sides of the fence that have been whispering in my ears. One side says, "buy a house, it is a great time for first time buyers and you don't have to keep putting money into a crappy place that you can't do anything with," where the other side says, "keep renting, you might be able to find a cheaper rental and save up money for your future ideas." The toughest part is I am right smack in the middle. I DO want to own a home because I am so tired of living in an apartment and I might actually get to do some great things with it, but I also wouldn't mind having an apartment that is just cheaper if it is better than where we are now so we can actually save some money up for a home.
So we applied to see if we could get pre-approved for a mortgage just to see if we could. We did get pre-approved, however we don't have much to put down (barely anything) so the loan isn't huge. So later today we are going to talk to the real estate guy and see what is out there. If there is no houses in our price range that we would want and we crunched the numbers, we will go back to the drawing board and keep looking for rentals. I am not settled on any specific thing at all at the moment, I just want to look at both options fully. The toughest part about this whole thing is, no matter what, I feel that someone is going to tell me I made the wrong decision. Everyone I talk to- family, friends, hubby, co-workers are all telling me different things and right now it is all just so overwhelming. I want to make the right decision and be happy with it, but I feel no matter what I end up doing, someone is going be mad at me. I guess that happens all the time in major decisions, I just hate having that feeling. *sigh*
I just need to look on the bright side of things and get through it. I have a vacation to Florida coming up and I have a lead role in a great musical at our community theater coming up to look forward to. I just wish somedays that I had a crystal ball to tell me what will happen if I make certain decisions. Also, I wouldn't mind winning the lotto. haha
Ok. Enough of my babble and ranting and blah blah blah. The card above is one of the many cards I am making for my co-workers. Once my one co-worker saw the 4 cards I made her for Mother's Day, she loved them so much that she asked me to make her two more. (yay for word-of-mouth business). She then showed them to a few of our other co-workers and I got 2 more cards to make for the one editor at my job (her's are more open to sentiments, etc.) So above is one of the cards for my one co-worker- no sentiments, no sparkles, no markers. I am really into these Pink Paislee Spring stamps. Trees, flowers, fun! The other one I made for her I ended up also using for Fun-Frilled, so you can see that Sunday. :)
Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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  1. Buy a house – it doesn’t have the be the house you’ll be in forever…it doesn’t have to be big…but buy a house if you can. There are so many loans out there – FHA for example – for first-time buyers…. Shop mortgage brokers and tell them you want to buy but you need a good program where everything is rolled in to the payment so you have to put ZERO down. Add my 2-cents to the rest of the cents ;)


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