Monday, May 4, 2009

Love U Monday

Love u Mondays...ok, I don't really love Mondays, but here is a love you card, posted on today (monday). This is another card for one of my co-workers. She requested a "love you" card similar, but not the same to one I had on my Etsy. This is a variation on the color and the same shiny chipboard and felt heart, but with some more dots to boot. I used an old sketch challenge on this one, and decided that I really wanted everything to pop! I know this soooo looks like a valentine's day card, but I hope she likes it. I am bringing all the cards I made for my co-workers to them today and tomorrow (the one doesn't work on Mondays) so I am excited to get them off my hands.
Now for those of you who don't know, I am going to Florida this weekend. I already got my stuff ready for Fun-Frilled and Digiments, so don't think I will leave you all high and dry! We are going to Florida to visit family (step-siblings and my hubby's grandparents who also live in the same town as my step-sibs). We are taking a train down to Virginia, where my parents are driving and meeting us there from Michigan. All 4 of us then are driving down to Georgia, where we are going to visit my step-grandmother. Then we drive from there down to Florida for my step-sister's graduation from College and to visit the rest of the fam. The following Tuesday, my hubby and I fly back home. (got great rates for one way tickets from Florida to Philly). Busy time, lots of travel, not a big vacation, but no work!
Can't wait to leave on Wed. I'll be sure to check out everyone online from our laptop, but don't expect me to do a whole lot this coming week. Hugs to all!
Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like you’re on top of things and ready for your trip – have a fab time in sunny FL!

  2. Gorgeous card! Sounds like you have an exciting trip ahead. Enjoy it!

  3. yeah, not so much a Monday lover here but can't help but cheery when I see your card. The color scheme is nice. Like the felt heart too!

  4. lovin' these colors together! and what a cute little felt heart!
    have a great time on your trip! sounds like a lot of fun getting to see everyone again! :)


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