Monday, May 18, 2009

Father's day fun and whatnots

Ok. So here are the Father's Day cards I was talking about earlier in the week. I hope to get some time to work on more cards either tonight, if not ALLLL tomorrow (since I have tomorrow off from work and literally nothing on my calendar to do), so stay tuned. I have some challenges that I want to work on, so that will probably be what I do, besides finish my father's day cards for this season.
Anyways, here are my 3 Father's day cards that I have done so far. So the deal is, I have NO father's day stamps AT ALL! In pops Michelle's Digiments, which were perfect for this. I thought up the tie idea, then decided to try it out with different spots and variations of the cards. So these may all look very similar, but none of the dads- mine and my hubby's (and my stepdad Rob) are going to complain. (At least I don't think they will). :)

Speaking of Digiments, there is a digiments challenge going on over there, so make sure you check it out to get a chance to win the next release set! Check it out here.
So I am brainstorming things we will need in our new place, and among other things, curtains and window Air conditioners we have decided are needed. Anyone know of cheap places to get these? I know craigslist, which I have been looking, but not sure about some of the postings. I might be able to make my own curtains (any ideas on cheap fabric places?) but the rods I know are always overpriced. Any suggestions out there all?
Well, anyways, have a great Monday and enjoy!


  1. I love these Father's Day cards! How creative to make little ties for them. Great colors for guys, too!

  2. I still think those ties are wonderful - you are so creative like that. No idea what they have out where you live - - seems IKEA has everything household....although we have to drive out of state for one of those....


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