Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

So it is Christmas eve in the Jenkintown, PA. My hubby and I decided to open our presents tonight (including the traditional xmas eve stockings) due to he has to work tomorrow, sadly, and my parents are flying in tomorrow night. Even though most of the presents I already knew what they were (we basically shopped together on Black Friday and got pretty much most of our shopping done in one shot) my hubby surprised me with the great little things that matters. :)
He got me a mini camcorder (which I picked out and did already know about) and some little gadgets to add to my ipod addition. Along with a few other goodies I'll spare you from reading about, he got me 36 mini stamps. This quite frankly I believe to be the best of my presents. They aren't 36 extremely expensive stamps, but the fact that he knows I a) love stamps, b) remembered me complaining that I didn't have many Christmas and holiday stamps/sayings, etc, c) so therefore got me 36 mini stamps to fullfill that request. I think I just might keep him. haha. It made my night and reminded me why I truly love my hubby- he remembers the little things sometimes. :)
(I know I know, shut up M, you're being all mushy) Anyways, here is the goody stamps my hubby got me. They are no pink paselee stamps, but they still make me smile from cheek to cheek! :)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Many mini stamps!

He's so thoughtful! Yay!

Merry Christmas all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Round 3 of Christmas/Winter cards

So this is round three of holiday cards/winter cards. I'm getting closer to my goal of christmas/winter cards that I want to make this year. It's funny that I've made this many cards when I used to only scrapbook. This batch I focused on using this one striped paper I have (I dig it a lot) and these felt sparkly snowflakes I got from A.C. Moore (they were mad cheap! and they have adhesive on the back already, which is a bonus!). At first I wasn't sure I could find a use for the snowflakes, since on their own they look, well, cheap, but with jewels or cutouts in front of them, they rock! Through this whole process I realized a) I need another circle punch, one that is slightly bigger than my little yellow one, but smaller than my blue one (I can't remember the exact sizes at the moment of what they are). and b) I don't have very many stamps that say merry christmas or any christmas type saying for that matter, that are small to fit on the punch. oh, and c) I don't have a punch that makes kinda "flower" shape, which I happened to have some left from a color swap I did, so they worked great, I just wish I had a different color. Anyways, those are things to look into eventually when I get more money saved up. Okeys, enough chit chat, here's some cards. 3 cards again. I've realized I've managed to make 3 card each Sunday that I posted cards. That must be my limit on cards per day to crank out, lol. Anyways, enjoy.

"Do NOT open until Christmas".... yeah...right....

Ok, I LOVE this stamp. So beautifuly done! It also stamps out nice for those of us *cough cough* me *cough cough* that are not the best at stamping clearly.

Simply, Winter wishes everyone!

I love stickles and sparkles if you haven't noticed.

Up close with the no-dry-yet stickles.

Winter wishes on the 25th!

I used a sparkle embossing on the "25th" stamp, which is from my new favorite stamp set by Pink Paislees (one of my favorite companies!)

I'm hoping tomorrow night or tonight to finish up my presents for my dance class ladies, basically they are paint bucket tins with sugar and gingerbread cookies in them. (I know, I'm cheap, but hey, I would LOVE getting cookies for christmas. :) lol.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

blog candy

Some blog candy giveaways here:
Check it out and join in the fun!
Yay for holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More holiday cards

So 3 more winter cards down. I've found I enjoy making snowflakey cards. They make me happy. Maybe it is the sparkle, maybe it is the blue and white, I'm not sure. I just know I enjoy making them. So I finally figured out a card idea to use with the mini vellum sheets my mother sent me. Stuff I used for this card is as follows:
  • Blue paper sent through BigShot in a Snowflake Cuttlebug folder
  • Vellum stamped with StazOn Ink, with Crystal stickles on to of that (It really needed more sparkle).
  • The "snow" letters were a BigShot alphabet (don't remember the name right now) but one of the mini alphabets, and then crystal stickles on top of them.
  • Blue ribbon with silver edges (not sure where my mom got this, she sent it to me)
  • Snowflake punched out with a punch (from mom) with jewels onto (from mom) with more stickle (did I mention I LOVE stickles).
  • Then a few blue brads up top to hold the vellum in place at the top without showing the adhesive.

me love sparkles!

and snowflakes.


It was fun, I dig snowflakes, and most of the stuff to put that card together were given to me. That's always a plus.

The next card I made I decided to do kind of a simple approach. It may look interesting with the paper punch and the sparkle tree, but it really was quick to put together. I got the idea to cut the corner from this great paper I got at the scrapbook store. I used an edge of it in a previous card, so I decide to try it again with showing more of the fun middle section of the paper. I then stamped the tree in white. After putting the faith popped silver sticker word, I realized that the tree really needed something that only sparkle could fix. I now look back at it, and think I really should of embossed it, but what's done is done. I added a ribbon for flare and tada!

"Gotta have faitha, faitha, faithhhhhaaaa" as George Michael says.

More Sparkles!

The last card I made on Sunday was my favorite of the bunch. It looks more like the cards I aspire to make. I have this great striped paper from My Mind's Eye I got from the The Cropping Station when I went on a Christmas paper hunt. Even though it technically can be used for things besides Christmas, I thought that it matched perfectly with this popped ornament I found at Michael's (or was it A.C. Moore, I can't remember) from Recollections. Anyways, I dug through my ribbon scraps and came across this fun red thin sparkly stuff and it worked out great. I used two types of sticker letters, the big "merry" ones were Thickers Tinsel red foil letters and the small "christmas" ones were K&Company:Brenda Walton Peppermint twist Glitter Stickers. It was nice that they were repositionable easily when I miss calculated originally how much space I needed for the "christmas" part. It was fun, and I enjoy looking at this the best. :)

Merry Christmas!

I love this ornament popped sticker. It even has a little clear window 
that has sequins in it that you can shake around. :) Fun stuff!

Hopefully I will force myself to make more cards and finish up before next week my present ideas for my buds and dance class friends. Adios for tonight.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winter Cards

Let it snow is the theme today. Actually cranked out a few cards today. My goal is to get holiday/christmas cards all done by the weekend, but I can't pledge to anything 100% since you never know what's going to happen. Anyways, wanted to try out some stuff I got from my mom in her winter fun. Also, I felt like snow cards. Still trying to think up ideas of using the clear sheets she sent me, since my original idea needs the hard stuff for the main part of the card and not the lightweight sheets that I have. Anyways, keeping busy. All the Christmas presents are wrapped and I only have 2 Christmas presents really that has to get done. We cranked out the majority on Black Friday (I know, insane we were, but we got most of our shopping done and saved a lot of money!). Ok, card time. Enjoy.

More SNOW! I love these sparkle letters.

Can you spell S-N-O-W? :)

snow! I had fun with this cool scalloped edge paper and a snowflake punch my mom sent me.


looks just as fun when folded.

Look at the snowflakes on the blue card. Only in the right lighting can you see them. :)


Let it snow! Simple simple. The blue card part actually has snowflakes on it, 
but you can only see them in the right lighting.

Ok. I admit it, I kinda want it to snow. I want the dusting, not the ice. I hate driving in the ice but I love the look of the snow. :)
Night all and dream of a white Christmas!