Sunday, December 14, 2008

Round 3 of Christmas/Winter cards

So this is round three of holiday cards/winter cards. I'm getting closer to my goal of christmas/winter cards that I want to make this year. It's funny that I've made this many cards when I used to only scrapbook. This batch I focused on using this one striped paper I have (I dig it a lot) and these felt sparkly snowflakes I got from A.C. Moore (they were mad cheap! and they have adhesive on the back already, which is a bonus!). At first I wasn't sure I could find a use for the snowflakes, since on their own they look, well, cheap, but with jewels or cutouts in front of them, they rock! Through this whole process I realized a) I need another circle punch, one that is slightly bigger than my little yellow one, but smaller than my blue one (I can't remember the exact sizes at the moment of what they are). and b) I don't have very many stamps that say merry christmas or any christmas type saying for that matter, that are small to fit on the punch. oh, and c) I don't have a punch that makes kinda "flower" shape, which I happened to have some left from a color swap I did, so they worked great, I just wish I had a different color. Anyways, those are things to look into eventually when I get more money saved up. Okeys, enough chit chat, here's some cards. 3 cards again. I've realized I've managed to make 3 card each Sunday that I posted cards. That must be my limit on cards per day to crank out, lol. Anyways, enjoy.

"Do NOT open until Christmas".... yeah...right....

Ok, I LOVE this stamp. So beautifuly done! It also stamps out nice for those of us *cough cough* me *cough cough* that are not the best at stamping clearly.

Simply, Winter wishes everyone!

I love stickles and sparkles if you haven't noticed.

Up close with the no-dry-yet stickles.

Winter wishes on the 25th!

I used a sparkle embossing on the "25th" stamp, which is from my new favorite stamp set by Pink Paislees (one of my favorite companies!)

I'm hoping tomorrow night or tonight to finish up my presents for my dance class ladies, basically they are paint bucket tins with sugar and gingerbread cookies in them. (I know, I'm cheap, but hey, I would LOVE getting cookies for christmas. :) lol.

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  1. I like the border it looks cute and the snowflakes aren't bad for felt backed adhesive thingies. I am sure everyone will enjoy your goodies!


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