Saturday, November 29, 2008

More fun things to check out!

Ok. so I recently have been spending more time finding ideas then actually carrying them out. This a fun thing of a .pdf give away. check it out and enter to win yourself! :)

Cute idea!

Ok, so this is very cute. Now I want to get one to decorate or even win one (they are having a contest. ) So you have to check out these cute Chipboard chandeliers. I love it with glitter! :)
Check it out at:

I dig it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday card

So I got invited to a friend's Mascarade Birthday party. I realllly wanted to make a mascarade themed card, however I quickly realized I didn't have a mask stamp/cutout/paper,etc. so I decided to go with the Birthday card generalized type card.
Here it is, in it's green glory. She already has it by now (the party was last night).

Also we got our wedding photos and albums,etc. from the wedding photographer today! yay! Our main album is coming in Tuesday, but we got these mini albums (mini versions of our big one) called "brag books" so I was uber excited to get that to keep at work. We also got prints of some of the layouts from our album as a special gift bonus from our photographer to us. :)
If you haven't seen our wedding photos, check them out at . Our wedding photographer, Jonathan, was awesome and very cool, I would suggest him to anyone. Supposably the one photo: (of us walking down the street in Bethlehem,PA with it being in Black and White except my dress' red lining is colorized to pop the red out while everything else is b&w) helped get our photographer a few more weddings booked, because people really like them. :) yay.
Anyways, off to figure out dinner and get my mom's package (wedding photo stuff) ready to go to send out tomorrow. Adios!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun mail and layout challenge

So I've been slacking on posts recently. I blame World of Warcraft and the newest expansion for it, as well as me stressing to figure out what the heck we're going to do about our car insurance. (Ours is getting to be a pain and is too expensive, must find a new one. blah!)
Anyways, did a layout challenge (I might and might not be able to enter it, it depends on if I can get to the scrapbook store by Saturday-it is a little bit of a treak to get there.)
Below is the challenge result for what I did. Basically they give you a kit with stuff in it, and you provide the pictures and design it how you want. They included 1 main sheet, 2 half sheets of designer paper, a chipboard circle, a green tag, and a safety pin. All the rest of the stuff I provided from my own stash and designed it myself (with a slight bit of inspiration from a scrapbook page layout sketches book I got.) Here it is:

The full layout!


oh baby!

Ok, so my journaling leaves something to be desired. 
I have bad handwriting.

So I did the whole layout, then realized it wasn't Thanksgiving but Easter, 
so I got the button to work for it. :)

Also I got a fun package from my mom in Michigan. It is all fun stuff for expanding my stash of scrapbook/card stuff. I also got a free table (left in the hallway in the "free" area of our apartment complex) so now I have more table space to do my cropping and actually don't have to do it on the kitchen table or the floor. My cropping room is actually a room to do stuff! Yay!
Below is the fun stuff I got from my mom. Thanks mom!

(my loot)