Friday, October 30, 2009

Mr. and Mrs.

As I mentioned before, I was asked to make a few cards for a co-worker. She needed a wedding card, a welcome to the family card, and a little boy's 4th birthday card. Below is the wedding card I made. She mentioned that the wedding flower is Calla lilies and she thinks green was one of the colors, so that is what I went with. She also wanted it more "elegant" looking. I'm still working on the other 2 cards, since I have been super busy with trying to get the programs done and designed for the hubby's show, working like crazy and such. Just sent off the final proof and *crossing fingers* off to print later today for the program, so hopefully later today I can finish up those cards and not have any more stuff to is my day off after all! *crossing fingers AND toes* :)

This card was SOOOO hard to photograph the normal way I photograph pictures, since it is so pale. I tried to pop up the contrast on it for you my blogging buddies, but you might have to click on it to enlarge it to see it better and to see the embossed flourishes I added. :) This card seemed to take WAY longer than I thought it would...more so, because I was so torn on what to have it say, and once I figured out I wanted the Mr & Mrs., I was torn on where to put it. I think it works here, but I'm still not 100% sure.
I also just finished up some cards for the Nov. Digiments release. I think they are too cute! Some of my favs. so far. :) Stay tuned, since I'll be showing off sneak peeks on Nov. 11th, then the ultimate Digiments Release is Nov. 14th! This month's release is 24 digiments for only $8. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Crazy busy bee

Ok, so I'm not gonna show you any cards today (hopefully later in the week, I PROMISE!) Things have been crazy crazy over here, with still only 1 car working, hubby back in the work force, my job schedule being the total opposite as the hubby, and other crazy things such as what I'll mention now.
One of the "busy-ies" that is going on, is the hubby decided he was going to get involved in ANOTHER play and has since been working on it with King of Prussia Players and it is set to open Nov. 6th. As he is hard working on memorizing his lines and such, I am hard at work doing "design" stuff, such as the posters, the programs, etc. The posters have since been completed and the programs I am hopefully to complete this week, but man, do I wish they were already DONE! I hate project that just linger over your head. ugh. Below is the Poster design I did for the show the hubby is in, Rope.
(btw, if you want a custom business card, letterhead, blog header, poster, anything like that...I AM a graphic designer, so I can work a deal with you my blogging buddies for a very small fee and "hook you up" with some good design goodies, so-to-speak...just email me here. )

The poster design is simple, but gets the point across I think. I had it tricked WAY out, but the head-honchos of the theater troupe didn't think a "blood spatter" screen over the word ROPE would be appropriate. lol. It IS a play about a murder, after all, but oh well. What can you do. This design was actually my least favorite, but isn't that always how it is...everyone likes the ONE that you dislike the most. oh well, moving on...
Another thing I gotta get started on is, I have 3, count them 3, cards "specially ordered" from a co-worker for me to make before that same week- Nov. 6th. She technically doesn't need them till the following week, but I am going to aim for by Nov. 6th, since I want to give time knowing my wonky schedule. She needs a wedding card for her son and future-daughter-in-law, a card for her future grandson-in-law (or is it just grandson?) saying something along the lines of "welcome to the family", and a birthday card for said kid, who is turning 4 in the same general time-frame of the wedding. I'll be busy, but I love doing stuff for other people!
So Nov. 6th, you are a Big deadline for so many things. Don't sneak up on me too fast now!
Anyways, I promise I'll post the cards that I make for my co-worker once I get a chance.
Also coming Nov. 14th is the official Digiments NOVEMBER release, so STAY TUNED! I will be hard at work creating stuff for that too! The November release is gonna be a special price- all of the Nov. release for UNDER $10 bucks! Awesomeness!
What a Busy bee I am this season, and it isn't even Christmas!
Okeys, nighty night, sleep tight, or if you are like me- in just a few short hours I am off to take hubby to work, THEN get to go to bed. *sigh*
Laters all!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A year in Cards-Oct. 2009 sketch challenge

So I decided to whip up some cards for the Two Peas/KWerner "A year in cards-Oct. 2009" sketch challenge. She basically had 3 card sketches and you can either use the sketch as a starting point or make autumn/gratitude cards. I decided to do the gratitude plus sketch a whirl. I went and used more of these lovely K&Company bohemian-esque popup sticker/embelishments on these. I am just in love with them right now! Below is the sketch and all three cards!

I also started writing down a list of what all I'm doing for Christmas (I know, it's October still, but I have a lot to do from now to then!). I wrote out pretty much ALL of the people I can think of that I want to make cards for, treats, or gifts. For my close friends and family I'll do all three, and then for my not-as-close friends and co-workers I have an idea what to do for all of them. This year, I want it to be a Crafty-Christmas! The more I can make, the less I need to buy. :) I hope I can set aside time to do it all, but I'm gonna try. I also gotta think of what I'm doing for Thanksgiving before then. This year the fam. is coming to our house...eek! I still don't know if my in-laws are coming down too, or if it will just be my parents and my hubby at our place. We are gonna have to celebrate it a little late, due to when the 'rents are coming in on the train, so we'll see what happens. All I know is I totally want to make it cute and decorate the place and especially the dinner table- I want it to look as nice as possible, since it is our first time hosting Thanksgiving. :) Anyways, enjoy the cards and have a great Sunday! (yay, day off for me!)
Laters and hugs to everyone out there!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sending Smiles

Ok, so this is a multi-item post. It's been a busy weekend/week here at the house of Mo, and it only is going to get worse I assume. Somehow I managed to get some things done around the house like dishes, laundry, cleaning up, organizing the bathroom cubbies. (don't ask me how).
Today I'm sharing a few things with ya'll out there in the blogging world.
First I have a card I made for no reason in particular, only that I realllllyyyyy wanted to use these K&Co. flower stickers/popups. They are soooo cute, don't you think? So this card is all about the sparkle and bling.

(Sending you Smiles full of bling!)

(I can't get enough of the faux stitching, a la KWerner.)

(I love these popup stickers!)

Next, I was asked at the last minute (the night before) to make a card for one of my husband's co-worker's birthdays. My hubby just started his new job about 2 weeks ago, and already he needs birthday cards...hehe. So this I whipped up quickly, for all he knew was that "It's for a guy who likes monkeys." haha, so this is the closest I could do. My problem is I don't have a lot of monkey stamps, and this I already had a stamped image given to me of it, so I thought I'd use it. When asking the Hubby if a grilling monkey was better than a monkey hanging from a tree with flowers in his hands, he replyed "I like the grilling monkey better. Besides, its for a guy. We all like to grill, it's part of our nature." lol . It's not my best card in the world, but I had to think quick on it.

(I hate making cards for guys. They are so tough!)

Another thing I want to share is this fantastic find I found at Michael's. Now right now I don't have a lot of funds for crafting supplies and I limited myself to under $15 allowed to spend. I realllllyyy needed adhesive and had a 40% off coupon, so I made the treck up to Michael's and tried my HARDEST to not buy anything but adhesive and maybe one other item. Now I found this deal of a set hidden away in the back corner. It was 75% off and was originally $40+ for it. I totally think I got way more stuff than what I paid! All of the below was in the package I got on sale for $9.95 in the end. All by K&Company, and lots of cool blingness. :) I was able to get my adhesive and this packaged set for under my $15 budget. Awesomeness!

(What a deal! I'm so happy I found it)

Ok bloggers, I'm off to catch a few hours of sleep before I have to take the hubby to work, then catch more Zzzs when I get back, then pick him up from work, then head to work for the night shift. Gosh I hate having the opposite schedule from the hubbs and only one car in working condition. Ugh.
Night all or Morning to most of you. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WCD Halloween Cards week, Day 5

Ok, it is the last day of my WCD Halloween batch of cards. I still can't believe I created 9 cards and 5 pixie treats (see below). Makes me want it to be Halloween already. :) Enjoy the last card I made for WCD and these cute Pixie stick treats I created for our neighbor's kids. I got the idea from a project that Mish from Papertrey Ink's did (or at least I'm pretty sure it was from her...I just remember what it looked like, but can't find the posting anywhere. Oh well.)
This card turned out better than I thought it would. I even sketched it out first before I made it (which let me tell you, often I don't sketch out my card ideas, I just play around till it works for me). Enjoy all!

(besides costumes, Halloween is all about the CANDY!)

(I LOVE buttons. Can you tell?)

(These are the Pixie treats. Are they cute!?)

(Simple but cute. That's what I was going for with these.)
Now, if you haven't seen any of my previous posts, You can go back to Day one of my Halloween Cards for World Cardmaking Day here and work up to today! 9 cards all made in one day. Yay! I think that is a record for me. Let me know what your favorites were. I'm always trying to improve my cardmaking skills and could use any feedback I can get.
Have a great Wednesday all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WCD Halloween Cards week, Day 4

(This duo of cards actually started out as one card, and I didn't like how it looked, so I cut it in half and converted them into two cards!)

It's Tuesday! Another day off for me (I had Mon, Tues, Fri off this week due to working 6 days last week). Here's a quick post of a few more WCD Halloween cards! Enjoy and leave me some comment love!

(This is one of my more favs. I LOVE how the 31 turned out. I was just messing around with the idea and then tada!)

(Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these Thicker letters/numbers?)

(I decided to make the Oct. 31 not a normal box, since the main part of the card is torn. Going for the unique route I guess. )

(I can't wait for Halloween now, after making all these cards!)
Hugs to all and enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WCD Halloween Cards week, Day 3

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great day, and here is two more Halloween cards from my WCD batch! Enjoy!

(I loveeeee these Thickers! And the Recollections Black Cat popups are too cute!)

(Sparkle sparkle!)

(I know. KWerner has converted me to the white faux-stitching with white gel pen. Gotta love White embossing too!)

(I love that embossing can make white really pop on dark paper)
Leave me some comment love all and a Giant Hug to everyone! Also, check out my previous posts for some cards I made for the Papertrey Ink's WCD challenges and more halloween cards!

PTI WCD challenge2: Mexico

whow. Two cards in one day where I have to go to I'm impressed with myself. My blog is hopping this week- so many cards, so unlike me. hehe. Check it all out!
Enjoy my Challenge #2 for PTI's WCD...Mexico. The only problem I was having was the umbrella wasn't staying put for the photo, because the glue wasn't dry yet...since I have officially run out of adhesive. Time for a craft store run in the morning... Enjoy all!

PTI WCD challenge1: Japan

Here is my Papertrey Ink's WCD challenge #1: Japan entry. :)
It is so not in my comfort zone, but I think it turned out nice. I'm surprised more so that I had the time to make it before I went to work! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

WCD Halloween Cards week, Day 2

Here are a few more cards from my World Cardmaking Day batch of cards. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I was determined to crank out as many Halloween cards as I could. Enjoy today's cards and stay tuned for more in the next few days! Leave me some comment love, and make sure to check out yesterday's post if you haven't yet for more cards.

(Yes, I know. My stripes are not straight. But that's what makes it unique right? lol)

(I have NO idea where these halloween buttons came from, but they worked perfectly for this. I wanted it to be a more kid-friendly looking card.)

(I know I've done similar layouts to this, but I just felt like a simple layout for this one.)

(Gotta love punches. They make cards like this SO much easier to make!)

Hugs all and leave me some comments. What do you love most about Halloween/Fall time?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy World CardMaking Day!

Happy World CardMaking Day my fellow blogging papercrafters. Since I have to work today (Saturday), and can't spend World CardMaking Day doing just that, cardmaking, I celebrated it a day early (Friday- my only day off from work this week). I cranked out 9 Halloween cards and 5 Pixie Treats for our neighbor kids, and boy am I excited that I got that much done! Since I did so many and might be a little booked this weekend with work and not a whole lot of time to card make, I plan on showing you some of my cards I made Friday throughout the week starting today and going through Wednesday (something new everyday!). So enjoy my week of Halloween cards everyone! Feel free to let me know what you think of them. Show me some comment love all!
Here are two of the 9 cards I made for WCD. Enjoy and stay tuned throughout the week for more Halloween cards!

(I got inspired by a KWerner Card for this one)

(I am soooo in love with these Thicker's Black Sparkle (Sprinkles) chipboard sticker letters...I might need to get me another pack of these!)

(Ok, I admit it, the sparkles are a little much on the pumpkin. I should of just stopped after I put them on the "Boo" but I thought it needed something. oh, well, not my fav, but we always have ones like that in the bunch of cards we make yearly.)

(I'm still debating on replacing the pumpkin, minus the sparkles, but I'll have to think about

Because of WCD, there is a lot of fun contests, etc. going on in the papercrafting blog community. One such contest is over at Digiments. Check it out and you can pick up some free Digiments and have a chance to win ALL the Digiments from when it started to now. (That's 4 months worth of Digiments! Wow!) Learn more over at the Digiments site!

Another fun thing, I just got an email tonight saying that I got the runner-up spot for Two Scoops Rice Design's WCD contest! Yay! You can check out the card I made in my previous post here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and spending WCD cardmaking up a storm.
Hugs all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Scoops Rice Designs Contest entry

Here is my Two Scoops Rice Designs Contest, in honor of World Cardmaking Day coming up. If you havn't been to Two Scoops, check it out. They are just too cute!

It's a shorty blog entry today, but just showing you what I entered. :)
Have a great Thursday all!