Sunday, October 18, 2009

A year in Cards-Oct. 2009 sketch challenge

So I decided to whip up some cards for the Two Peas/KWerner "A year in cards-Oct. 2009" sketch challenge. She basically had 3 card sketches and you can either use the sketch as a starting point or make autumn/gratitude cards. I decided to do the gratitude plus sketch a whirl. I went and used more of these lovely K&Company bohemian-esque popup sticker/embelishments on these. I am just in love with them right now! Below is the sketch and all three cards!

I also started writing down a list of what all I'm doing for Christmas (I know, it's October still, but I have a lot to do from now to then!). I wrote out pretty much ALL of the people I can think of that I want to make cards for, treats, or gifts. For my close friends and family I'll do all three, and then for my not-as-close friends and co-workers I have an idea what to do for all of them. This year, I want it to be a Crafty-Christmas! The more I can make, the less I need to buy. :) I hope I can set aside time to do it all, but I'm gonna try. I also gotta think of what I'm doing for Thanksgiving before then. This year the fam. is coming to our house...eek! I still don't know if my in-laws are coming down too, or if it will just be my parents and my hubby at our place. We are gonna have to celebrate it a little late, due to when the 'rents are coming in on the train, so we'll see what happens. All I know is I totally want to make it cute and decorate the place and especially the dinner table- I want it to look as nice as possible, since it is our first time hosting Thanksgiving. :) Anyways, enjoy the cards and have a great Sunday! (yay, day off for me!)
Laters and hugs to everyone out there!

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  1. beautiful cards! I like these sketches! I will have to try a few myself!


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