Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WCD Halloween Cards week, Day 5

Ok, it is the last day of my WCD Halloween batch of cards. I still can't believe I created 9 cards and 5 pixie treats (see below). Makes me want it to be Halloween already. :) Enjoy the last card I made for WCD and these cute Pixie stick treats I created for our neighbor's kids. I got the idea from a project that Mish from Papertrey Ink's did (or at least I'm pretty sure it was from her...I just remember what it looked like, but can't find the posting anywhere. Oh well.)
This card turned out better than I thought it would. I even sketched it out first before I made it (which let me tell you, often I don't sketch out my card ideas, I just play around till it works for me). Enjoy all!

(besides costumes, Halloween is all about the CANDY!)

(I LOVE buttons. Can you tell?)

(These are the Pixie treats. Are they cute!?)

(Simple but cute. That's what I was going for with these.)
Now, if you haven't seen any of my previous posts, You can go back to Day one of my Halloween Cards for World Cardmaking Day here and work up to today! 9 cards all made in one day. Yay! I think that is a record for me. Let me know what your favorites were. I'm always trying to improve my cardmaking skills and could use any feedback I can get.
Have a great Wednesday all!

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  1. You got a ton done! These look awesome. I love the pixie sticks treats. If I get motivated, I want to make some of those for my kiddos!


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