Monday, October 26, 2009

Crazy busy bee

Ok, so I'm not gonna show you any cards today (hopefully later in the week, I PROMISE!) Things have been crazy crazy over here, with still only 1 car working, hubby back in the work force, my job schedule being the total opposite as the hubby, and other crazy things such as what I'll mention now.
One of the "busy-ies" that is going on, is the hubby decided he was going to get involved in ANOTHER play and has since been working on it with King of Prussia Players and it is set to open Nov. 6th. As he is hard working on memorizing his lines and such, I am hard at work doing "design" stuff, such as the posters, the programs, etc. The posters have since been completed and the programs I am hopefully to complete this week, but man, do I wish they were already DONE! I hate project that just linger over your head. ugh. Below is the Poster design I did for the show the hubby is in, Rope.
(btw, if you want a custom business card, letterhead, blog header, poster, anything like that...I AM a graphic designer, so I can work a deal with you my blogging buddies for a very small fee and "hook you up" with some good design goodies, so-to-speak...just email me here. )

The poster design is simple, but gets the point across I think. I had it tricked WAY out, but the head-honchos of the theater troupe didn't think a "blood spatter" screen over the word ROPE would be appropriate. lol. It IS a play about a murder, after all, but oh well. What can you do. This design was actually my least favorite, but isn't that always how it is...everyone likes the ONE that you dislike the most. oh well, moving on...
Another thing I gotta get started on is, I have 3, count them 3, cards "specially ordered" from a co-worker for me to make before that same week- Nov. 6th. She technically doesn't need them till the following week, but I am going to aim for by Nov. 6th, since I want to give time knowing my wonky schedule. She needs a wedding card for her son and future-daughter-in-law, a card for her future grandson-in-law (or is it just grandson?) saying something along the lines of "welcome to the family", and a birthday card for said kid, who is turning 4 in the same general time-frame of the wedding. I'll be busy, but I love doing stuff for other people!
So Nov. 6th, you are a Big deadline for so many things. Don't sneak up on me too fast now!
Anyways, I promise I'll post the cards that I make for my co-worker once I get a chance.
Also coming Nov. 14th is the official Digiments NOVEMBER release, so STAY TUNED! I will be hard at work creating stuff for that too! The November release is gonna be a special price- all of the Nov. release for UNDER $10 bucks! Awesomeness!
What a Busy bee I am this season, and it isn't even Christmas!
Okeys, nighty night, sleep tight, or if you are like me- in just a few short hours I am off to take hubby to work, THEN get to go to bed. *sigh*
Laters all!

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