Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy World CardMaking Day!

Happy World CardMaking Day my fellow blogging papercrafters. Since I have to work today (Saturday), and can't spend World CardMaking Day doing just that, cardmaking, I celebrated it a day early (Friday- my only day off from work this week). I cranked out 9 Halloween cards and 5 Pixie Treats for our neighbor kids, and boy am I excited that I got that much done! Since I did so many and might be a little booked this weekend with work and not a whole lot of time to card make, I plan on showing you some of my cards I made Friday throughout the week starting today and going through Wednesday (something new everyday!). So enjoy my week of Halloween cards everyone! Feel free to let me know what you think of them. Show me some comment love all!
Here are two of the 9 cards I made for WCD. Enjoy and stay tuned throughout the week for more Halloween cards!

(I got inspired by a KWerner Card for this one)

(I am soooo in love with these Thicker's Black Sparkle (Sprinkles) chipboard sticker letters...I might need to get me another pack of these!)

(Ok, I admit it, the sparkles are a little much on the pumpkin. I should of just stopped after I put them on the "Boo" but I thought it needed something. oh, well, not my fav, but we always have ones like that in the bunch of cards we make yearly.)

(I'm still debating on replacing the pumpkin, minus the sparkles, but I'll have to think about

Because of WCD, there is a lot of fun contests, etc. going on in the papercrafting blog community. One such contest is over at Digiments. Check it out and you can pick up some free Digiments and have a chance to win ALL the Digiments from when it started to now. (That's 4 months worth of Digiments! Wow!) Learn more over at the Digiments site!

Another fun thing, I just got an email tonight saying that I got the runner-up spot for Two Scoops Rice Design's WCD contest! Yay! You can check out the card I made in my previous post here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and spending WCD cardmaking up a storm.
Hugs all!


  1. 9 cards in one day - - and treats!? That's some serious productivity. Love these cards - and the chipboard is fantastic.

  2. I really like the first one, I would replace the pumpkin, I am not into the green stickles on the pumpkin, maybe just plain with a pop dot. congrats on the card thingie.


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