Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surprises and Jetplanes...

So today I bring you another edition of "cards for co-workers." This one to be honest turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I got this idea, and blam! It totally worked. The exterior of the card I still am on the fence with if I should add anything else to it, but the inside is totally perfect I think.

So the story behind this card is a co-worker of mine wants to surprise his wife with a trip to San Francisco for Christmas (I think its for Christmas, since he needs it by tomorrow). Anyways, since he hasn't booked the flight yet, and since they have to check when they want to go and yada yada, he wanted to give her a card that basically is like, "I'm taking you there, just tell me when." So I thought, hey, why not put fake mini airline tickets inside? I did a quick google search and came across this totally awesome site where you can create fake tickets with whatever airline you want, and type in the name, destination, time, date, and presto! Instantly personalized coolness. If you want to make some for yourself, go here:
I think it is a marvelous idea for telling someone you're taking them on a trip. Anyways, below is the inside of the card.

So I knew I had a travel chipboard set from My Little Yellow Bicycle, and sure enough, they worked nicely- the little USA and the airplane circle that says "fly" and the dotted circle on the inside are from them. I used two maroon pearls and some string to make like a "fly from here to there" kinda pin-dot thing. I think it turned out way cute.
So what do ya'll thing? I know the colors are not really Christmasy, but I wanted it to look more classy and to match the photo of San Francisco that my co-worker previously picked out to incorporate.

Anyways, Christmas is almost here! Any fun traditions out there for ya'll?
My hubs and I are gift wrapping at the local mall, with the donations going to the Bingo Foundation- an area cat shelter. We'll also be accompanied by a fellow co-worker and friend who got one of her cats from them. Gift wrapping at the mall for others on Christmas Eve has become a tradition for me around the holidays- it started with  my mom and I back when I was in Girl Scouts, and I've tried to keep the tradition alive ever since. So fun!
Anyways, happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

S'mores and more

So I haven't done a whole lot of crafting recently, but I did however put together a white elephant gift- the theme I decided to go with is S'mores! I think its perfect for the holidays. :)
The box was originally a Clementine box (see below), I decorated and filled it with all the goodies to make S'mores: chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers (which we got after I took this photo), Marshmallow roasters, and a cute little S'mores bag (that has an individual s'mores making set inside). I thought it turned out cute, simple but cute...better than a basket I think. :)

Anyways, other than that, I've basically just been in holiday party mode. Drinks and goodies for each. All the while slowly planning our Winter Wonderland New Year's eve bash. (this theme I find fitting, since a close friend of ours recently found out he got the job he interviewed for in Alaska, so he will be off to the cold lands come the end of January and our party with basically be one of the last get together he can make).
Happy holidays all and I hope you all are spending you last few shopping days wisely. (I'm all done with my Xmas presents. yay!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The man in Red...

...has come to town.
Ok, so I don't have any updated cards for ya'll, since I finished up my Christmas cards I haven't done much crafting recently, however I thought in the meantime, so I don't leave you all hanging totally, here is my hubs aka. St. Nick, with our kitty cat Wendy. He dressed up as Santa (and bleached his hair) for his work's annual big Holiday shin-dig. Crazy, I know, but this is my hubs we're talking about. A 25-year-old Santa. lol
Anyways, here's the hubs.

Also, here is our current mantel decor and hubs "decorating" the tree, aka. looking like he decorated it, though my mom and I did it the weekend of Thanksgiving. I'm not a very good home decorator (my art is best in digital or paper form), so I thought it wasn't horrible, considering I don't have much mula to make it look drop dead beautiful.

 Anyways, until I get my act together and finish my card club's December "Anything But A Card" projects, these will have to do to get ya'll into the holiday spirit. haha
Happy Holidays all!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowflakes and winter fun

Here are some more Christmas/Holiday cards that I worked on.
These are cards that had similar base cardstock, that have the same cutouts: snowflakes or joy cut out. So here are various cards made with similarities.

So how is everyone's weekend going?
Have a great first weekend in December!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

...and the fire is so delightful...I wish I had a fireplace, it would be so nice in the coldness of this winter.
So here are some cards that I scraplifted from some of the wonderful holiday cards by Kristina Werner's holiday card series. I think they turned out cute. I love the purple one! I have absolutely fallen in love with felt ribbon. 

Have a snuggly warm night all! And check out my previous post of more Christmas cards if you haven't already. Happy Holiday cardmaking!

It's Christmastime again!

Christmas card time has come along! I'm pretty much done now with my Christmas cards, so here are a few cards I cranked out and I'll show some more throughout the week. Enjoy the cards and I hope you all are having a wonderful December!

 (I love these K&Co. chipboard things...sparkles and Christmas...too cute!)

 (Another great chipboard from that K&Co. Holiday set. I love the colors!)

 (This is my November Friday Night Card club card- had to be a Christmas card in non-traditional colors and includes your picture)

 (This is the inside of the card)

 (This was something I just kinda cooked up on my own)

 (I love these little trees!)

There will be more cards later on, so stay tuned for more holiday cards!
How is everyone's December going? Is everyone's Christmas card making going good? Or are you all done with your cards?
Have a great day!