Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The man in Red...

...has come to town.
Ok, so I don't have any updated cards for ya'll, since I finished up my Christmas cards I haven't done much crafting recently, however I thought in the meantime, so I don't leave you all hanging totally, here is my hubs aka. St. Nick, with our kitty cat Wendy. He dressed up as Santa (and bleached his hair) for his work's annual big Holiday shin-dig. Crazy, I know, but this is my hubs we're talking about. A 25-year-old Santa. lol
Anyways, here's the hubs.

Also, here is our current mantel decor and hubs "decorating" the tree, aka. looking like he decorated it, though my mom and I did it the weekend of Thanksgiving. I'm not a very good home decorator (my art is best in digital or paper form), so I thought it wasn't horrible, considering I don't have much mula to make it look drop dead beautiful.

 Anyways, until I get my act together and finish my card club's December "Anything But A Card" projects, these will have to do to get ya'll into the holiday spirit. haha
Happy Holidays all!

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