Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Spooks and Scares" hits the Frenzified store!

For those that follow my blog, you might know already that I am the owner and illustrator/designer of

For those that don't know and for those that DO know, I have great news! The newest set, "Spooks and Scares" is NOW in the Frenzified digital store! So you can get your hands (and computer downloads) on the adorable (if I do say so myself) Halloween, spooky, bewitched, banner-filled, bat-i-fied, bubbling, magical and fun set! It isn't too early to start thinking about my absolutely favorite holiday, Halloween.
This set is also great to use for those getting ready for The Dark Knight Rises movie premiere (Batman anyone?), those that are huge Harry Potter fans (like I am) or for those down-right beloved trick-or-treating Halloween crafts.
So what are you waiting for, check it out! And make sure to download the FREE black cat image. Get in the Halloween spirit with some spooky images. There is also a cute spooky banner and large pennants (that you can make say whatever you would like) to add to the fun of the "Spooks and Scares" set.

For those interested, here is a preview of what the set includes:

You can either purchase images and sentiment individually, in sets, or the full complete set all at once. They all were personally illustrated/designed by myself and I hope they put a smile on your face.
Don't forget to follow Frenzified on Twitter and Facebook (see website for details). There are other freebies on the site, so make sure you download them, as they won't be there forever!

Frenzified has many other fun sets too, such as:

  • Biker Chick
  • Birthday Bakes
  • Cutie Critter 1
  • Fall Forever
  • Tea World

So besides checking out the newest set, check out the other fun digital images that you can purchase too! All Frenzified images are great for papercrafting, digital scrapbooking, cardmaking, or just find coloring projects for the kids. There is no hassle of getting ink all over your hands, as long as your printer works, the digital images print nicely!
Check out the digital image store today and see what it has to offer. Even if you're not interested in buying anything at the time, make sure to follow Frenzified on Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter or blog feed for updates and take our poll on our website. We also have a lovely gallery too with projects using our products!
Visit the store today!

Thanks all and I am also happy to announce that I will be CHA bound on Sunday! Hooray! Can't wait! Be sure to stay tuned to the blog with CHA pictures!
Later gang!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trash treasures and Chip it!

First off, I want to tell you a little story. It's about this large dresser:

You see, I was driving to practice one Saturday morning (running a little late mind you) and I see this beauty on the side of the road at someone's trash. Now it is missing one drawer (but if you're a pinterest person, you know that isn't a problem). Anyways, I WANTED that dresser, however I was running late, so I didn't stop. However I immediately called my husband (who was driving in the car in front of me because I had to go to work straight from practice) while at the next stop light. He says "I was waiting for you to stop to pick it up, but you didn't." We both agreed that on the way home, if that puppy was still there, it was going home with us. Sure enough, it still was there a few hours later on the way home (we got done way early and I really wanted a shower before work). We stuffed the dresser into the back of his Dodge Calibar and put the drawers in my tiny Saturn Ion. I was SO happy to have it in my possession, as I've been wanting a double dresser for forever, and there it was, for FREE on the side of the road. I know I know, but it was missing a drawer and one of the drawers was off it's track and one of the handles was broken, but hey, that kind of thing doesn't stop a thrifty person. So, here are some inspirations I found on Pinterest for what I'm going to do with the beauty. I plan to paint it black (to match the black furniture concept for our master bedroom). If we can't afford to replace the hardware, I"m going to take the hardware off one of the small drawers, and swap it with one of the big drawers, so all the center drawers have the same handle, and then 2 and 2 of the big drawers match each other- and just keep 2 of the big drawer slots open for either a shelf or baskets. I love the basket idea!!! Here are my inspirations for the future of this project:


And if you would like to follow my pinterest boards, check my boards out here:

So, I have some high hopes for this lovely piece of furniture. The last 2 inspirations are very similar to the dresser style that we got, however I want to keep as much of the drawers as I can- I probably will only not use 1- the one with the broken track, to even out the missing one, so the spacing would be more like that yellow one (but I want baskets like vanity one has). Once I get back from CHA and not stressing over the show, it is the first furniture piece I want to work on. Inspirations!

Speaking of inspirations, I came across Chip it! by Sherwin-Williams via blog. This new thing, similar workings of Pinterest (its a button that uses pictures) but it matches Sherwin-Williams paint to the image! How cool is that!
So I decided to test it out with my Olioboards and a few pictures that also are similar color schemes to dining and kitchen ideas. I hope that this will help me pick the right paint for our future home's rooms. Enjoy! :D

 These are exactly what I was thinking for the dining room.

 Kitchen color scheme?

 Or maybe this for kitchen color scheme?

 Craft room totally.

 Another possible dining room idea if I decide to go more browns/oranges with the gray.

 I like the color scheme except for the 3rd and 5th colors- I don't want green in my yellow, white and gray bathroom!

 Exactly what I want for our master bedroom!

 Maybe a slightly deeper purple for the 1/2 bath, but yeah, that works.

 Exactly for the living room, however I want more chocolate brown than black.

Maybe a more brighter green for the kitchen?

Try it yourself if you haven't already, it is super cool!
Anyways, its such an inspiring day, I think I might finish up the night on Pinterest before bedtime. hehe
Later gang.