Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Celebrating 27 years of life

A week ago was my 27th birthday. It wasn't a huge deal, but it was a fun time to enjoy with friends. The big party will be this weekend, where my husband and I are having a joint birthday party- 80s Prom Party theme. Can't wait for it to go down. If you know me, I love hosting a party.
So, the fact that I'm sharing a few things that aren't really the "party" part of my birthday, is kind of rare for me- but I thought I'd at least share a few things to my readers about my day of birth.
So the day started out pretty tame- lounging around at home, as I was able to get the day off from work. Once my hubs got home, we drove up to Allentown- where we met up with some of my closest friends at my FAVORITE Italian restaurant, Bellissimo.

 I had the most amazing Pesto Chicken pasta. We shared stories and laughs, and all in all it was a good night.  We also tried a wine I've never had- Domino White Zinfandel- and it was Awesome! Adding it to my list.

After dinner we headed to my in-laws, where we enjoyed ice cream cake and spending time with my nephews. They gave me such a cute card, signed by them- so odd for them to be able to sort of write now- I remember when they were born! Gosh, feeling old already.

The funniest part actually happened before going to dinner. My husband when he got home, parked in our back parking spot- to load up a few things to drop off at my in-laws. The way our parking is set up, you have to move the gate physically, to get in and out of the spot, and to lock it up. So when we left to go up north, I jumped out and closed/locked the gate up then hopped back in the car. Halfways into the hour and a half drive, we turned the heat on in the car and immediately the smell of dog poo started to stink up the car. Looking everywhere, as it didn't go away (like a skunk) I started to look at my shoes. Sure enough, I guess I stepped in some doggie stuff when closing the gate. Surprisingly enough, the hubs actually had trashbag and paper towels in his car. I started trying to clean up the mess, but it only got more stuck in the white flats I chose to wear to the evening event. It wasn't coming off the shoe, no matter how hard I tried. I then begged the hubs to stop at the only store on the way- Wal-Mart. I quickly headed in, grabbed the closest shoes in my size, checked out, and the second I got outside, slipped the new shoes on and threw away the poo shoes.

They are so sparkly, but the will always be known in my house as the "Poo replacements." Sometimes you look back on funny and embarrassing moments like this, and you just have to laugh. It will surely be a birthday to remember.

There is a lot of deals out there when it comes to your birthday. My other favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings, so when I got a birthday email, I was happy to see that I could get a free dessert for my bday. I begged the hubs to take me the day before my birthday, just so I could get this amazing dessert (I know, SO not on my diet.) But hey, it's my birthday week, so its ok, right?

But one of the things I want to share that happened after my bday, was when my one co-worker brought me the most AMAZING margarita cupcakes to work, for my belated birthday. They were soooo tasty.

She mentioned to me that she baked it using Applesauce instead of oil, making them really moist. I happened to find a similar recipe here. Thank you so much Colleen! You made my day (week)!

So all in all, it was a good birthday, aside from the poo shoe incident. lol. Now I'm looking forward to the big 80s prom party this weekend. It's gonna be so totally awesome! haha.
Happy Birthday to my fellow Pisces out there!

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