Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorites Friday: Being lazy but loving kitchen gadgets

Guess what day it is?- It's Friday!
That means it is Favorites Friday time! Here are some of my current favorite things that I've been loving in the past few months (I know, I'm SOOO behind on favs since the new year!).

1. Babycakes Cake Pop Maker: I got this cute cake pop maker for an early birthday present from my mom (actually got it right before our New Year's Party) and it was SO easy to use. Here are a few tips I read online before I started which I found to be very helpful in using the maker: Use a squeeze bottle (like a ketchup or icing plastic bottle with a tip top) for the cake batter and also to use a foam piece (like the ones you use for flowers you can get at the dollar store) to put the cake pops in to dry once on the stick and decorated (the little thing they give you to dry has the holes too close together- they touch and therefore melt together). I love it and already am planning to make more for our next party!

2. Sims Free Play: This app I downloaded for my iPad has been keeping me busy all winter. I always have adored the Sims, so it is nice to play a version on my iPad for free. I've kind of become obsessed with making sure all my Sims go to work or are planting things before I go to work or before I go to bed. I wish life was as simple as the Sims to decorate houses!

3. Healthy Choice Pumpkin Squash Ravioli Steamer: My hubs picked this up for me the other day, as he knows I like ravioli. I was skeptical of the pumpkin squash filling though, as it didn't really sound that appetizing to me, but I gave it shot. Wow- I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor. Loved it! It also is a great dish for Vegetarians. ;)

4. Hampton Popcorn Company's White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn: My co-worker got this around Christmas time and it is SO good. I've been trying to find places that sell it locally, but thus far I haven't found one yet. But I'm keeping my eyes open, because it is SOO tasty!

5. Hamilton Beach Panini Press: We won this lovely kitchen gadget at a White Elephant party and so far it has become a favorite when making sandwiches and grilled cheese. I don't think we will ever make a sandwich NOT on it from now on! lol.

I hope your Friday is fun and your weekend events are fantastic. I hope the weather gets better here, as we've been having so much snow, ice, sleet, cold temperatures- I'm ready for spring to be here already!
Look at this weather of ice and snow on our tree out front of our house...

Keep warm all! Have a great day!


  1. I've never made cake pops, but I love them. I might have to consider getting one of these...

    1. Once you get the hang of using it, it is great. The first batch however- tends to look like little saturn-like planets. haha


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