Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laundry thanks

Ok. So this card kinda has a story behind it. You see, my hubby and I wanted to start saving up money for a washer and dryer, since our new apartment has the hookup for it. However, with paying 2 rents (which we officially are done with this month-THANK HEAVENS!) we haven't had a lot of spare change to put towards our Laundry room fund. We lucked into finding a dryer for sale on the side of the road (someone was moving...aka. I think getting foreclosed, and needed to sell it) so we got a great deal on a barely used dryer. As far as the washer- here's the deal:
This past 4th of July weekend, my hubby, me, and 3 of our friends decided to head over to the one friend's beach house. I had to work the night shift the day everyone was getting there, so I was to meet up with the crew after I got out of work. Well, around 10pm when my hubby and the friend who's beach house it is, call me up explaining that they realized they forgot the key to the beach house. I was then begged to drive to our friend's house, pick up the key from his mailbox (which his mother was to place the key in) then drive back to the beach house. Problem- it would take 45 minutes to the house from my work, another 45 minutes back and another hour and a half to the beach house from the spot my work was. I'd be rolling into the beachfront area at about 4am- not my cup of tea, since I'd be driving alone no doubt. So what does our friend do- he offers me a deal. "What if I buy you a washer?" "What?! You're kidding right?" "No...I'm serious. I'll buy you a washer if you go get the key."
I didn't believe him, but me being a good friend went and got the key anyways, still thinking he is joking with me about the washer, and rolled into the beach house's driveway at around 4am, hopped up on Monster energy drink and Sweettarts. To my surprise, when our beach house trip was completed, our friend reminded us to pick out a washer (one under $400 preferably), and to email him what we liked.
So today our washer arrived, all thanks to a wonderful friend. Some people take their friends for granted I think. I don't care that our friends may have more money than use, but I do appreciate that they actually listen to us and care about what happens to us. To be honest, I would of been happy with just getting a large margarita in return for the trip out to get the key. :)
I still don't know what to say, as I am still in disbelief that he actually bought us a washer. So this card is for him.

It was all I could think of to do. It's a "spinny card" where the "washer cycle" part actually rotates back and forth if you blow or push it. I thought it was a cute idea and all I knew going into making the card was to make a thank you card with a washing machine on it. :)

We have some of the best friends a couple could ask for I tell you. I love you guys!
Anyways, enjoy the card. I even included a "laundry bag" that was taken from a "college/back to school 3d sticker set". I thought it worked well for not knowing what I was doing at all. haha. Anyways, have a great night/day.


  1. Your card turned out so awesome!!! Perfect for a thank you for someone who did something that kind for you. I love the story: it totally put a smile on my face.

  2. Such a cute card and I am glad you decided to make him a card, sometimes we take our friend's gratitude for granted.


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