Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Out fishing...

Evening all. This little card I made for one of my best friends, in light of recent events with her father. She found out recently that there is a grave possibility that he has cancer. He's been in and out of the hospital in surgery/testings, etc. to get rid of "all the bad stuff." In this stressful time for her, I thought I'd make her this card. Her father is a sport fisherman, and the whole family (her husband included) like to join in on the fishing fun and come out to many tournaments for fishing. This coming weekend she hopes to take her dad out on a vacation to upstate New York (to fish of course!), unless the Friday tests tell them he can't. So this card is just that type of theme-fishing.

(I was kinda sad I didn't have 3-4 brads in that colro of the same size, but oh well- it doesn't look too shabby with 2 different sizes, does it?)

I recently acquired this stamp set from my mom when she was cleaning out her craft room, and I immediately grabbed it for this reason. The hat and can of worms are both very large stamps so I decided to do a mask to hide part of the hat behind it (I had seen this done on a few people's blogs recently, so I decided to try it). Then later I decided I was going to cut out the images and pop them up, so the masking wasn't really necessary in the end, but at least I tried it!

(let me tell you, those worms were a pain to cut out!)

Since these were so large of stamps, they kinda took up most of the front of the card, so there isn't much to it, so that is why I added some stuff to the inside. (also because I thought it looked nice without the saying on the front).

(sorry this particular shot isn't the best, my camera's batteries decided to die right after I got only 1 shot of the inside- and I didn't have any extra batteries around).

So that was the card (inside and out). I kinda wished the little worm on the inside didn't have a "I'm going to be sick/throw up" face, but, oh well, it serves its purpose.
Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week so far, and I hope to post more cards later in the week. Hugs all!


  1. I actually like the brads in the different sizes. They are fun! The card looks great, but I do bet it was a pain to cut those worms out. What a great card to make for your friend...I hope it puts a smile on her face!

  2. Cute, I am sure she will appreciate the card, I know how close she is to her father.


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