Monday, May 26, 2008

The monogram game

So we had picked our monograms for the wedding, and now that it is down to the putting the invitations together I have come to the point of punching them out of the nice cardstock that the printer (EBC) printed to go with the invitations. Each invitation will be closed with black & white polka dot ribbon, with the monogram glued on the center to play as the stamp/clasp to the invitations. However, my 1 1/2 inch Marvy circle punch must suck or something. Every time I try to punch it out, the edges get all rough and just do not look like they are supposed to. They just look, well, ick! After talking to my mom about this, being she's a crafty person too, told me that it is due to the fact that it is one of the "older" Marvy punches, being one that DOES NOT have a lever. According to all-knowing mother, the Marvy punches with levers do the trick. We'll see about this, since I had to order it online. (None of my local craft stores sell that size punch with the lever.) Everyone *cross fingers* that it works out, or I might have to hand cut them all out (EEKK!!) See below, rough edges!

These were the original ideas.

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