Friday, June 25, 2010

Altered fun

Happy Friday!
So, I have been participating in a swap over the past year or so (3 rounds I believe), that we basically send a package to a secret sister for 3 months (so three packages in 3 months for each "round" of the swap). Among the items you send, you have to have 1 altered item in each package. I had not done a whole lot of altering, so this was a fun idea to try. I had a blast creating some fun items for this swap over the past year or so (with various SS's to send to). I've been holding on to these pictures, since you can't reveal yourself till the end of the 3 months (and I've done the swap for about a year now). So I thought, since the swap has taken a break, I'd post all my altered items I've made. :) Enjoy!

(sometimes I photographed all the items in the package, others I just photographed the altered item only. The last two pictures were posted by the SS after she recieved them, since I forgot to photograph those. hehe)

Anyways, Have a fun-riffic Friday! Altering items has become a fav. thing of mine, so if you're into altering too, what's your favorite thing to alter? I'm interested, so let me know! :)
Later all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

White on White fun

'Tis the season for weddings, anniversaries, babies, etc. So this month's theme for my Friday Night Card club was perfect: White on White. I was a little intimidated by the theme, since I'm all about color. I did the one idea first (the star one) but quickly realized it would take a lot longer to do 11 of them than my other idea, so I ended up going with the one below (the "I love you so much" one) as the card I made for the card club. I probably will hold on to the starry one for either a wedding I need to go to, or maybe a wedding anniversary (mine or my parents), something like that. :)

(I've come to the conclusion that photographing embossed items is very difficult! I hope you can all see this. I clear embossed the sentiment "I love you so much" by Papertrey Ink, I also clear embossed some swirls on the background. I also did a dry embossing folder on the brackets with my Big Shot. First to cut out the bracket (the die from Stampin' Up!, and then the embossing folder). It was a process, but still was a lot quicker to make than the other card shown below)

(This one took a while with the stars embossed, hence why I ended up not making this version for the card club. Also hand cutting out the brackets was time-consuming. I went all out embossing for this, background, sentiment, even the sparkle is silver sparkle

 Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day (a little late)

Ok. I apologize my followers out has been one of those times my life that things are just so crazy, and therefore I have been WAY behind on posting! You see, my poor kitty cat, C.J. had to go to the animal hospital this past week, due to a major issue with his diabetes which made him basically not be able to move his arms or legs. He had too much insulin I guess (his body has adjusted to the amount he was getting, and no longer needed as much as what our Vet told us to give him). It was a scary end of the week, and luckily he is better now and all is good. My hubs is in his second weekend of shows for "The Fantasticks" while I just started last week with practices for the show I'm in "The Week Between the Holidays" that will be part of the Philly Fringe Festival. (You can see more info here if you're interested--->Here )
Anyways, among all the drama, lack of sleep and madness, this weekend I finally had time to do some cardmaking. Thank Heavens! So I went to town and did a lot. I finished up 11 cards for my Friday Night Card Club (theme was White on White cards) and did an extra white on white card, while I was trying to figure out what layout I wanted to do. (I'll show those cards to you later). I also finished up my Father's Day cards. Ok, so I know it is Father's Day TODAY, but with all the cat stress, I didn't have much time. So I sent out virtual online cards as a temporary card, till these cards get to them later. So, without further ado, I show you my Father's Day cards! Enjoy!

(This "Western" style card I made for my Stepdad. I found this pre-stamped image I got from a swap, and I just knew I had to use it. I think it turned out cute. On the inside it says "Happy Father's Day". Stepdads are always hard to make cards for).

(this card I made for my Hubby's grandfather. I was going for the "outdoorsy" look. I like how the acorns turned out.)

(This card I made two of actually. One for my dad and one for my hubby's dad. 
I think it is simplistic but very "dad" like, you think?)

So for all of you who have wonderful Fathers, Husbands, Grandfathers, etc. Happy Father's Day and Happy Sunday! :)
I will leave you with a picture of my beloved fur-baby, C.J. right after he got back from the animal hospital. :)

(He had to wear a bandage on his arm from where he got razor burn...they had to shave his arm to give him the IV.)

Anyways, Happy Father's Day! Later all!