Friday, June 25, 2010

Altered fun

Happy Friday!
So, I have been participating in a swap over the past year or so (3 rounds I believe), that we basically send a package to a secret sister for 3 months (so three packages in 3 months for each "round" of the swap). Among the items you send, you have to have 1 altered item in each package. I had not done a whole lot of altering, so this was a fun idea to try. I had a blast creating some fun items for this swap over the past year or so (with various SS's to send to). I've been holding on to these pictures, since you can't reveal yourself till the end of the 3 months (and I've done the swap for about a year now). So I thought, since the swap has taken a break, I'd post all my altered items I've made. :) Enjoy!

(sometimes I photographed all the items in the package, others I just photographed the altered item only. The last two pictures were posted by the SS after she recieved them, since I forgot to photograph those. hehe)

Anyways, Have a fun-riffic Friday! Altering items has become a fav. thing of mine, so if you're into altering too, what's your favorite thing to alter? I'm interested, so let me know! :)
Later all!

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  1. Love the clipboard! My favorite thing to do is go to the flea market and see what item has a shape that I like, it doesn't matter what color it is and even if it's not in perfect shape, it just adds to the uniqueness. I like to use a lot of Tim Holtz distress paints, they work very well on metal. I liked seeing the altered projects along with your cards!


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