Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pink Paislee Warehouse Sale!

So recently was the Pink Paislee's yearly Warehouse box Sale, where you pay $49 (plus $10 shipping) and get well over $250 worth of product, you don't get to choose what items you get, so its a total surprise. My husband got me a box for a wedding anniversary present, so it technically was picked out by me, but also was a surprise too!
So I got the package yesterday, and it is AMAZING! It's too late to get it this year, but next year, you HAVE to get it. So worth it! So this is the flyer that is all about it.

AND here's the lovely box.

My cat Wendy was so interested in the paper (there is whole thick stack, but its hard to tell with this photo).

And here is all the other awesome loot I got.

So, as a breakdown, I'll try my best to tell you all of what I got.

House of Three: Daily Junque

    Hocus Pocus

      Hometown Summer

        Old School

          House of Three: Parisian Anthology

            House of Three: Soiree

              Foam stickers expressions


                So yeah. I totally got amazing items. I can't wait to figure out what to use them all for. I might actually make bags of the certain sets so I can keep them together. So much fun! I'm so excited to get crafting!
                P.S. I just started using this amazing tool with InLinkz to have the product link above. I"m so proud of how it turned out!

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