Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday homemade

This year I wanted to try a few crafty things besides cards for the holidays. One of the projects is below. My mom LOVES tea, so I thought I'd take this idea I got off of Pintrest for a clothespin wreath. I filled it with tea bags and tada! She can also use it to display Christmas cards (that's what they did on Pintrest).
After doing the project I found out a few things.
A) Spray painting them green would of been SOOOO much easier than hand painting them all with acrylic paint.
B) Next time I need to use a thicker wire (like a coat hanger or something) because I used floral wire and it was so thin that the wreath kept flopping over. I tried to go back and double string it, but they kept getting hung up, so I did a back-way of doing the second stringing around by opening each clothespin and shoving the wire to the back of each.
C) You need probably somewhere like 40 clothespins to make a good sized wreath. Mine is a little small, but after I painted one whole bag of clothespins (24) I was so tired of the project, I just said to hell with it, its going to be small.

Anyways, hope you enjoy and get some insight into fun holiday gifts. Stay tuned for a before and after crafty makeover of a "garbage" pick. I love how it turned out, so Stay tuned!

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