Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Bridal Shower show off

Ok. So I finally have some time to show off pictures from my friend's bridal shower that I helped throw. We decided to do a Beauty and the Beast/Parisian themed shower.
So, here are some pics from the shower itself and all the stuff I helped make for it! (FINALLY I can show it off!)

 (The bride-to-be is 3rd from left in the purple, I'm on the far right. The rest are the other bridesmaids/maid of honor in black, matron of honor at left)

 (the bride sitting under the "Bride to be" banner)

 We decided to have every guest bring a brooch, so we can make the bride a brooch bouquet for the rehearsal dinner. This is the sign on the table.

 I love that we decided to do this. The maid of honor found these cool wine glasses, and when flipped over with flower inside and a candle on top, it is perfect for a candle holder!

 The banner I made for the bride-to-be.

 Every guest got a unique teacup and a seed packet to take home.

 The first thing you saw when you walked into the home for the shower- the Beauty and the Beast themed table.

 Cupcakes sitting among the favors.

 More teacup favors.

 Full view of the Beauty and the Beast entrance table.

 At the kitchen island bar.

 Drink flags I made for specifically to go with the specialty drinks made by the bride's sister.

 All the brooches that everyone brought for the brooch bouquet.

 This was the poem/explainer everyone got with their shower invite.

 Drinks and little flags.

 The full spread of goodies- using my homemade cakestands galore!

 Bride-to-be opening my gift envelope (made with a lace Dollie.)

 The banner.

The cupcakes- only slight change- no Lemon Meringue was made, instead Dulche de Leche was made- believe me, I didn't mind the change at all!

 One side of the drink flags.

 Backside of the drink flags.

 Seed packet thank yous.

 The shower invites I designed. (I whited out some of the information)

 About the brooch bouquet- this was sent with the invite.

 These were also sent with the invites- everyone who brought a brooch could bring them with these attached.

 My lame attempt at making a "rose in a jar"/ beauty and the beast-esque snow globe.

 Most amazing nut/cheese/apricot things.

 The bride-to-be and me, with the framed art thing I made for her.

 Dulche de leche cupcakes. yes please!

 more food.

 (me in my red dress.)

 Vanillabean cupcakes!

 My fun headband.

And another shot of the banner after I put it together.

Sorry these are not in any particular order- there was so many pictures I kind of had to just weed through them all! This was all a surprise to the bride-to-be, so it took all my will-power not to post all the fun projects I had been working on before the shower.

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