Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old-Fashioned Dads

So this card was the last of the 5 Father's Day cards to send out this season. (my dad, stepdad, my hubby's dad, and my hubby's grandfather and step-grandpa.) This card is all about the "old school" dads. This image is from Inka Stamps, along with the top hat stamp. I got these puppies on the closing sale of Inka Stamps, which makes me sad, since I really do like her stamps.

The sentiment is the ONLY "Happy Father's Day" sentiment stamp I own, from Studio G. Since the main image is so large, I tried to just do some layering of paper to make it fell more dressed up. I had my hubby choose the button, so if you don't like it, blame him! lol
So I sent all the Father's Day cards out this morning, so hopefully they get to all the right places by Father's Day.

On another note, not related to cards, it has been raining here for the past week. Ugh! We went out tonight to go get our laundry done (which putting laundry basket/tube thingies in the car in the rain was NOT fun!), however the local laundry mats all close at 9, which we found out to our dismay! When you work till 7, like me, get home around 7:45, like me, then have to eat...9pm closing times just don't fly with me! So needless to say, we might have to get up wayyyyy early to get the laundry done, or have to suffer till Friday, when I work a later shift. ugh. I cannot wait till we can afford to buy ourselves a washer and dryer!
Anyways, hope everyone's week is going well. I'll be most likely spending it either at work, driving, or at Dolly! practice. :)
Hugs all!


  1. I love this image for a Father's day card. And I think your husband chose well with the button!

  2. I love that hat....really cool Charlie Chaplin kinda card....great fro that older generation.


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