Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank you cards and updates

So, I feel bad because I haven't had much blogging/cardmaking done recently except for my design teams, so I finally had some free time to make a card that wasn't for a design team this weekend. Now granted, it was for a co-worker, who's only request is a thank you card to give to someone, but still there was no immediate deadline for it.

Now I will tell you this, it is not the biggest and grandest card I have ever made. I did use an old card from one of my many blogs I follow (no clue who though) as my inspiration as far as the layout goes. You see, I have this folder on my computer, "card ideas". I basically open up that folder when I am stuck. When I surf the net, I just grab photos for inspiration. Now I would never outright copy someone, but sometimes you need great design to inspire you to do your own designs. It's just like looking in a magazine for inspiration, except on my computer. Sometimes I get color combo ideas, and others I get techniques or sketch-type ideas from them. Every now in then I need a little boost in my creativity. :)
As far as the moving to the new apartment goes, we are pretty much done. We have all the major stuff and all the things we NEED here. There is still basically a bunch of little stuff left over at the old place. We plan to make it a habit of picking up one load every Saturday till the end of August (when that lease is finally up), that way we don't get bombarded with having to grab and clean it all in the last week. I hate moving and I hate having boxes everywhere still. Ugh.
The musical, "Hello, Dolly!" is in full swing. I can't believe that we open in less than 5 weeks! Tomorrow my hubby and I hope to make it out to a secondhand shop to search for some props/costume ideas, since the costume department is having problems finding costumes to fit my "bust" area. lol I guess all the people they've had in shows before never had big boobs! I can't wait for the performances- that is one of my favorite parts of theater. This is basically my first big role in a show since my sophomore year in high school. I can't wait. If anyone is in the King of Prussia/Philadelphia, PA region, let me know and I'll give you info to see the show!

Other than the move, musicals, and my cards, not a whole lot happening in the world of Morgaine. We're trucking along, even though I'm working for 10% less pay these days (got a paycut), but with more work. (darn you economy!) But what can you do?
Anyways, here's the card I was talking about.

And if you haven't seen any of my weekend posts because you were too busy this weekend, check them out here and here. Fun-Frilled is still doing wonderful themes (check out this past weekend's Summer card of mine here- it's one of my new favs.) and Digiments just had their June release party, so check them all out too!
Have a great Monday everyone and stay smiling!


  1. Love the way you threaded your buttons - was that done on a machine? I don't know how to thread buttons on a machine...but that's really cute. Glad you're getting settled in to your new pad.

  2. I love the layout, the colors, and those papers together. Good luck finishing up the move and all the cleaning and de-junking!


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