Friday, December 11, 2009

...And now for some Holiday Hoop-La!

Today I got to go to a holiday party at my hubby's work. He works for a senior care facility, so the dinner was for employees and the seniors also. It was fun to see everyone all decked out for the holidays, no matter what age. That is one thing I always love about the holidays- that you can get together with friends and family, no matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any of the other holidays of other faiths- you all celebrate with a togetherness that I find so comforting in December. It may be cold outside for most of us, but the warmth of friends and family is just wonderful. Ok, enough blah blah sentimental stuff, onto the cards!
So I have been in Christmas card making mode for the past week. On Tuesday I made these 6 cards (I know...taking me FOREVER to get them posted- just so darn busy this month). I also made a ton more yesterday, but I'll post them later, since I'm too pooped out to post all of them too- Also, what's the fun of showing it all to you at one time?! Anyways, I think some of these turned out so cute. So cute in fact, that I am not sure I want to give them away- is that bad? lol. But, I am determined to get them out to everyone by tomorrow or Saturday, so unless I can magically get the energy to make a lot more, I'm going to have to part with some of these cards. lol
My goal this year, was to make as many different variations of Christmas cards- basically, each card unique. I know- that is kinda a pain in the neck, but since I have only been making cards for a little over a year, I wanted to try all the different styles of cards and ideas out there. Some of the cards I made are based on cards by other awesome designers, like my favs- Kristina Werner, Becky Oehlers, and Debbie Olson. Hope ya'll enjoy them!
First I'm going to show you my two FAVs of the bunch. This one was based off a KWerner card she made during her 25 days of Christmas cards. I just LOVED how she cut out the ornaments that were on the paper and popped them up and used the string. It is so simple, but awesome in my book. I used this cute paper from Me and my Big Ideas that had the ornaments on the paper. So adorable, I just HAD to cut them out and use them in a card. This is def. one of my favs of the batch. :)

Next is my other fav. of that night's batch of Christmas cards. (hmm..."batch" makes it sounds like cookies, which makes me really have a hunger for Christmas cookies...I might just have to go get some butter from the store and whip up a batch. hehe!) Anyways, I found these cute mine Santa hats in the Christmas section at AC Moore. I had a coupon for 20% off your ENTIRE order, but only on one night and only from 7-10pm. Me being the dunce I am, got over there and got a ton of adhesive (because I was completely out) along with Christmas presents for my stepdad and my mother, and realized when I got in the gigantically long line, that I had lost the coupon..eek! Luckily, my hubby was home, so I begged him to re-print another coupon and bring it up to me. What a doll he was. :)
Gosh, I'm getting on long-winded blabber tonight (sorry about that), anyways- I knew the perfect way to use these mini Santa hats- on top of the head of this adorable penguin stamp I had. It actually is one of the first stamps I got ever in my stamping life, so I was soooooo happy to use it again in this card. I think it turned out so cute! I also have been using the "punch out mini circles and adhere to the back of your big circle to make your own fake scallop" on this card and a few other of my Christmas cards. I just LOVE how you can make a scallop on any sized shape using that method. LOVE it!


Moving on...This one is based on a card that Becky Oehlers made here. I used chipboard instead of a stamp, different colors, and added a stickle sparkle snow drift, but you get the general idea.

This next one I made my own patterned ornaments by punching out circles of different patterns and making my own toppers. This was a very simple card to make, that I might even make more in a similar fashion if I find that I need a lot more Christmas cards. :)


Now these last 2 are my least favs. Not saying I HATE them, but rather, I don't adore how they turned out. If I absolutely hate how something turns out, I probably won't even bother showing ya'll.
The only thing that bothers me about this next one is that I really wanted to use these mini bows I picked up, but my present I paper pieced just was too small. However I didn't realize this till after I put the bow on and it was stuck for good. *sigh*

And here we have my least fav. I had this great idea in my head, however it just didn't turn out as cute on paper. Ever have that happen to you? It looks awesome in your head, then you try to make it, and it just doesn't work how you want it to. So I had this cute paper that had houses on it. I also had cute chipboard that were houses, so I thought..."Hey, why don't I make a holiday home card. That would be cute!" However, they are two types styles of homes (the paper and chipboard),  and the chipboard ones are a little too big I think. I also think the tree I added and the ribbon matched the paper, but not the chipboard. hmmm...I guess I'll just give this card to someone who can't see very well or is color blind. lol

And there you have it all. I apologize for my long-winded-ness today. It is 1:30am and I'm all hyped on caffeine as my hubby is already asleep because he has to get up for work at 6:30am. Luckily, he is driving himself in the morning because the extra car's been fixed and is running, so I don't have to take him to work anymore...yay! Okeys all, time to force myself to go to bed.
Leave me some comment love people- so I don't feel so lonely in blogger land. Which is your fav?
Hugs all and have a great Friday! Friday FUNDAY! woo!


  1. Very creative! I think I like the round ornament card with the snowflake the best! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really like the ornament cards, but I really like the penquins holding the ornaments on a line - cute, cute!!!

  3. I really like the penguin with the santa hat! I really like the colors and design of it, very nice!
    I find when I go into a project/layout with an idea, it never really turns out to my liking. It seems to me that if I go into a project with very few ideas it always turns out. I guess it's because 1) there are no expectation and 2) my mind is open and the creativity flows out or 3) I'm just weird!! I've got to post my cards soon!!


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