Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life just gets in the way sometimes...

So I has been almost a month since my last confession...wait..I mean blogging.
Life has just seemed to get in the way! With unpacking stuff from our move, to work, to practice and performances for "All Shook Up"...I just haven't had anytime to do any crafting, let alone sitting still. I was sick for over a week with a massive sinus infection- which I didn't do much of anything but lay in bed sleeping. Somewhere in all the madness I was able to create a few cards for the important people involved with the show. (these are a few weeks late of posting, but here they are!)
Since the show was 1950s themed, I used the cricut cartridge "Nifty Fifties". It's one of the first times I did cards with cricut cartridges. Now, right now, I'm mad at Cricut- all that mumbo jumbo junk with sueing people left and right and being super mean to every little guy in site. However when I made these cards, it was before I was informed of their evil corporation status. So I apologize in advance my Boycott Provocraft friends...this was before I knew all about that.
But I did do 2 cards without cricut cartridges, so I'll show those off first, followed by the cricut ones. The cricut ones turned out cute...I love the shoes! Anyways, enjoy my belated cards!

I have a 3 day weekend this Easter weekend (I get monday off), but that's because I work Tuesday-Saturday, so hopefully I'll get some cardmaking done (like my card club's cards!). Have a Happy Easter Everyone! Hugs!


  1. Uhooi,,
    The cards are creative, nice and sweet,,


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