Sunday, August 14, 2011

no time at all

Ok. So I admit it, I am super busy. So busy in fact, that I barely have enough time to sit and write this. But my poor craft space has been sulking in the corner for a few months now, because I haven't had time to craft. With being in a show, to work, to all the madness of summer, to doing projects for friends' weddings and cooking up stuff for the Newtown Arts Company, I have had no time to craft.
However, somewhere in all of it, I have forced myself to make time to take at least one photo a day. I recently started a 365 days of photos project, inspired by Becky Oehlers. She invited fellow friends and crafties to join her in this year long project, so I accepted and already have cranked out 12 days of photos! By no means am I a fabulous photographer, but I hope to learn from the process, besides getting plenty of photos to scrapbook.
So while you wait for me to make some more crafty projects (which I hope to crank out a few cards for this upcoming show), check out my 365 photo project blog here:
*crossing fingers for blue skies tomorrow*

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