Friday, February 17, 2012

S'mores party and other updates

So it has been a long time since I put any of my newest crafting adventures (like last I blogged was before Christmas). I have been doing only a little bit of crafting, mostly cat wrangling- my cat Wendy has been causing major havoc all over the house- jumping in Christmas trees, destroying plastic wrappers...but how can you be mad at this face?

So on the crafty note, to start things off, for Christmas I got a Cricut Expression. Already, I am in love with the touch screen and the much bigger size to my original Cricut.

(me on Christmas getting my Cricut)

New Year's Eve we helped craft an adorable game that was a marriage proposal for two of our good theater friends during our annual New Year's Eve bash- PJ themed this year. With sparklers at midnight and my fun lighted sign to show everyone where our house was. I also made a mini banner for the hub's cake!

On to after the new year, and I decided to have a S'mores party. I got this great idea to make S'mores-to-go boxes on my new Cricut, and they turned out so cute! Check them out:

Here's all the madness of chocolate and marshmallows and such. We has so much leftover, I ended up bringing the leftovers to work. lol

Right now I haven't had a whole lot of time to do crafting, but I did crank out a mini banner for our door for Valentine's Day and did this little "you just melt my heart" with a bag of ice melt, an ice scrapper, and "meltable" chocolate for my hubs v-day present. hehe

Next goals- to ramp up my site and put up a few new sets I have in mind to work on before Summer CHA. I want to be ready and have new stuff and new promotional stuff to give out. *crossing fingers* I get my act together. lol

Happy crafting everyone and hope you enjoyed this little update.

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