Monday, March 12, 2012

Revamped and thinking...

So I haven't had much energy or time to do a lot of craft projects recently. I have however been spending way more time on Pinterest than should be humanly possible. haha
This has gotten me thinking on new DIY and revamp projects. Here are a few of my favorites that are on my To-Make list. The majority of them I have the stuff, I just gotta finish them! haha

1) Revamp/refurbish the old drink table cart I got- someone was throwing it out, can you believe it?! It is below. It is a little rusty and the one hinge needs some work, but overall it is doable I think.

Here is a link of someone's redone bar cart that is my inspiration for the colors. I love the white and orange, so I think I'm going to either paint mine all white with orange patterns on the main surface, or paint silver over the silver that is already there, and do a orange & white on the main surfaces. Enjoy Monica at craftynest's bar cart here:

2) Headband holder made out of oatmeal/drink mix can. I saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought of my massive number of headbands just thrown in a box right now. I swiped my hubs drink mix can and covered it. here it is below. I still have to add the "stand" part. I hope to make another matching one (so I have 2 total- I have sooo many headbands) once we go through more tea mix so I can steal the can. I thought ahead luckily and saved the paper for another matching one. haha

Here is my original inspiration for it from Lyssa Beth:

3) Make a lampshade out of old slides. I got the idea from here:  at the HGTV site. I have 2 whole boxes of old slides that my work was going to throw out, so I took them home in hopes that someday I can make one of these beauties. :D

4) Family/friends birthday wall art. I got the idea from someone's pin on Pinterest here:  I so want to do this awesomeness, so I don't have to rely on Facebook telling me people's bdays! lol

5) Sweater shoes made from old flats and an old sweater. I just recently cleaned out my closet (the newest closet cleaned below) and I saved a pair of old brown cheapo shoes that have started to degrade and a sweater that I don't like to wear much (fits funny) and I plan to make a pair of awesome sweater shoes like these awesome people here:;all

Hopefully the few other sweaters I saved I can make into something else cool and felted.

6) T-shirt repurposed bags. I have a boat-load of t-shirts that I don't really wear much, or just wear them to bed. I would LOVE to turn them into reusable bags or other fun stuff. Check this person's awesome t-shirt bags here:
Here is some other fun t-shirt repurposed ideas:

7) Sweatshirt pillows. I have a few sweatshirts that just don't fit nicely anymore or are starting to fall apart. My goal is to make some sweatshirt pillows (especially my 3 college sweatshirts). I got the idea from this person here:
I hope to get at least the 2 red sweatshirts made into pillows as they would match my futon nicely!

So there you have it. My top 7 to-make items (or in the process of making items). Hope this sparked something in ya'll to get creating. Happy crafting!

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